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Fundamentals of Research Paper

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Fundamentals of Research Paper

This paper will discuss the fundamentals of research and how it can be applied in the field of human services. Example of scientific methods related to the human services will also be provided. A brief description explaining the differences of quantitative research and qualitative research models and how they relate to field of human services and the scientific method will also be given. Also the concerns of quantitative and quality research methodology will be addressed. A brief summary of how scientifically sound researches supports the function of a human services manager will be discussed as well.
According to scientific methods is defined as a method of research in which a problem is identified, relevant data are gathered, a hypothesis if formulated from these data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested (
In other words scientific methods are steps that researchers follow in order to test, acquire, and describe different options during the planning stage.
Research is needed in the human service field. Let say that there is a large rapid

increase child abuse or homeliness, the rapid increase requires results to the question

of why the rapid increase. By the use of research the answer to these questions can be

answered by the collection of data, observation, and experiment can offer assistance in

the field of human services.

Scientific inquiry is a way to investigate and offer an explanation of observation.

The data is gathered a hypothesis is suggested and the observation is then recorded.

The steps involve in scientific inquiry involve making the observation, ask the question,

formulate a hypothesis, test the hypothesis by planning an experiment, communicate,

and making the conclusion (Rosnow & Rosenthal, 2008).


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