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Fundamentals of Healthcare

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My Academic and Professional Goals as a Future Healthcare Provider


The Vision W.U pride themselves in the providing quality education for students as we each try to fulfill our own personal goals in secondary education. In particular the College of Health Sciences strives to give us the knowledge required to be a competent and successful healthcare professional. They create a flexible environment that allows us to communicate with professors who have obtained degrees in the field and interact with peers who have similar goals. The vision of this program is to send qualified health care administrators into the health field to serve the communities with emotional and physical support, raise awareness on critical healthcare issues, and provide strong medical staff and a financially sound organization. The Mission The mission of Walden is to provide a flexible learning environment that can appeal to the diverse group of individuals seeking higher knowledge in the various occupations comprised within the health sciences. As a future healthcare professional, I hope to embody what Walden tries to ascertain in a healthcare professional. As a physician not only do I want to treat my patient, but I want to enforce preventative healthcare management by providing all of my patients with information that can keep them and their families healthy. By educating my patients and promoting an environment were they feel more comfortable with me, I can build a strong relationship with each individual. When you build a rapport with your clients, you can ensure better quality of care for them, this can also lead to better compliance and reduce spread of infections. Managers in the Healthcare System
Managers in today’s health care profession are flexible, well adapted, patient, and...

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