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Fundamentals of It

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Term Paper for Fundamentals of I.T.

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Table of Contents CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 2 A. Background 2 B. Problem 2 C. Objective 3 CHAPTER 2: DATA ANALYSIS 3 A. In what aspect does computer help you? 4 B. For what purposes do you connect to internet? 4 C. Which of the following settings do you most frequently use a computer to access the Internet? 5 CHAPTER 3: OBSERVATION AND CONCLUSION 6 A. OBSERVATION 6


A. Background

For billions of people around the world, the Internet has become an essential component of their everyday social and business lives. And though they seldom give it a moment’s thought, the search engines that help them navigate through the plethora of pages, images, video clips, and audio recordings found on the
World Wide Web have also become essential. Search technology—shortened simply to “search” in the IT world and referred to as such in the rest of this report—is only two decades old, but it is a cornerstone of the
Internet economy.

B. Problem

The Problem is that if using computer becomes too much there is a big possibility that they lose interest in studying and just surf the internet every day, check for notification, chats and friend request on Facebook, look for funny and inspiring tweets on twitter and play online games. If that happens the study habit of the student will change in a bad way and if the student becomes so addicted in using computer.
And so...

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