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Funding Yor Own Business

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Funding Your Own Business

The importance of an investment banker is what they do. They are important due to the fact that they are of services that offer to the economy. They offer advice for economic dealings, for example, acquisitions and mergers for businesses. When a business retails new securities in order to increase funds, the representative has the responsibility to the actual buyer for these securities. The investment banker in turn would purchase securities from business and arrange a speedy resell of the securities to the investor’s bankers in order to, investigate research, analyze, distribute and underwrite. Typically, an investment banker will perform all of these functions, although some investment bankers are experts in certain areas. Investment banking assist in businesses with raising monies. It offers investment opportunities to the person or group of people. Most of the businesses develop consultative services from the investment banker in regards to mergers, divestiture and acquisitions. Additionally, due to the importance of the roles that are played of investment banker, the commercial banks do not execute these roles. (Morrison A. 1997).

A stock market is an open market that trades the businesses stock or shares. The stock markets function is where the businesses can raise monies for their business by allotting shares to the investor. Furthermore, whereas the investor can buy or sell these shares. Business in turn will benefit from this due to the value of the market for their shares are high, and they will have the capability to raise added capital if need be. The stock market is an important share of the economy of a state. The stock market plays a critical role when it comes to the growth of the industries and trades within their capacity. The aim is that the management, business and central banks of the...

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