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Future of Advertisement in Nigeria

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Daniel Burrus: The Future of Advertising Sales -- It's all About Integration

One of the reasons ad dollars are falling for newspapers, as well as traditional media, is that they don't fully understand the new realities of marketing. Two key shifts are taking place that media companies can no longer ignore.
First, media and marketing have always been about storytelling. Advertisers have a story to tell, and the media is there to help tell it. Today, however, media and marketing go beyond mere storytelling; now it's about storytelling and dialogue. That's why social media's so popular. It's not about the word "media"; it's about the word "social."
Unfortunately, we have community newspapers, television, radio, and news programs that are failing to build community through activity, engagement, and dialogue. Yes, they have a website, but for the most part they are static sites that are not engaging.
So in order to move forward, big media needs to focus not just on the story, but also on the dialogue. When you add dialogue, you're moving from the information age (where so many media companies started) to the communication age (where the audience is now).
Second, when we look at our traditional media players that are trying to sell advertising, they are still using the old model of media-specific ads: Radio ads just for radio, TV ads just for TV, and print ads just for print. But if you want to serve your customers well these days, you need to think in terms of a media neutral ad. Why? Because it's not about siloed media anymore; it's about the integrated use of media. The sooner media salespeople embrace this concept, the sooner their sales will rise.
For example, someone selling newspaper ads can no longer just focus on making that print ad sale. A…...

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