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Future of Policing Paper

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Future of Policing Paper In every country, there are various security jobs that are handled and managed by police, law enforcement agencies, and militaries. These police enforcement agencies play a significant role towards safeguarding the laws and protecting the society. The following information explores the future of policing with respect to the trends which are currently affecting policing, foreseeable serious problems which might affect policing in the future, and changes which might need to be prepared for efficiently addressing these serious issues towards policing.
Trends affecting Policing According to the Walker & Katz (2010), “there are five extents of policing where current trends possess long-standing and profound effect towards police force and agencies. It includes police technology, research, employment practices in law enforcement, the war on terrorism and demographic change” (Walker & Katz, 2010). Today, the most persuasive change takes place towards policing is concerned with information technology. To deliver information the public; various police enforcement agencies are utilizing the internet, using cell phones for communication; and to retrieve prompt facts and figures; they utilize mobile computers. A police manager and professional in police related technology, Jim Chu notifies that, “four foremost applications which are of concerns to police enforcement agency of future are: computer aided dispatch (CAD), information and database technology, mobile computing and record management system” (Walker & Katz, 2010). Moreover, the significant innovation towards police criminal fighting is COMPSTAT which facilitates with accurate and timely facts on disorder and crime. Another technology is Early Intervention systems that contain computerized records and performance data of every officer. Likewise, there is a significant approach to identify...

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