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Future Trends in Hrm

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Future Trends In Human
Human Resource management is one of the key functionality in an organization. It deals with strategic and compendious approach to managing people, the workplace and the environment. This involves issues related to people such as hiring performance management, salary & compensation, organization development, security, wellbeing, employee training and development.
Companies all over the world have identified the importance of Human Resource Management in order to steer up their organization by managing the entire working capital, with them facing high attrition rate and poaching strategies of competitors. This has become an increasingly challenging task for companies to sustain their competitive advantage.

With economies becoming more globalized, there are also several new challenges faced by human resource managers. Organizations no longer comprise of homogeneous groups but consist of people of different origins, cultures and ethnicities coming together for a common cause. This has completely changed the roles of a HR practitioner. The traditional role of human resource management has become obsolete and has now evolved into a process continuous change and more dynamic. This has resulted in a transformation of their roles both in its form and its functionality.

There are a lot of new and emerging areas of human resource that are becoming increasingly relevant. Some of the significant trends likely to be seen in the future are related to the diversity in an organization. Though there has been not much research that has progressed in this area in the last few decades, some noteworthy gaps are to be filled.

Workplace Diversity:
As a starting point we examine four dimensions of diversities: race, gender, sexual orientation and nationality.

Race and ethnic diversity:

First in contrast to a popular belief on ethnic...

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