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Music is like air. essential with no shape or definition, capable of healing, understanding and comfort when there is nobody around to do so, A language we all speak and hear, music is predominantly an aspect of life which we have all adapted.
As a child I was quiet, shy and not a very vocal person. My mother told me I could sit in silence all day, but as soon as my favourite tv show at the time ‘’Arthur’’ came on I couldn’t help but mumble the tune of the song even though I didn’t know the words, and still to this day remember how the tune goes but when I hear it I am re connected back to my past with nostalgia.
My earliest memory of a song with lyrics is ‘’Reach’’ by S Club 7. Me and my friends used to play it on my sisters old Barbie radio and create our own dance routines in the living room of my house then later put on shows for our families in the green area outside the house. Every time I hear it now I cringe remembering dancing around the green to S Club 7 and laugh at how great dancers we thought we were. I still talk to those friends and we all remember our routines and they are now our earliest memory of our friendship. If I was to sing a line of the song to one of my friends who I shared these memories with they would laugh because that memory is so strong it doesn’t need a story to be remembered.

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