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Information technology in music

Table Of Contents

1. New technologies and music
2. Sound recording
3. Prospects for the development of information technology in music


One of the main characteristics of the post-industrial period, should be considered as the rapid development of electronic technology, contributing to the automation of storage and processing of information through computers.
The advent of powerful computers and new computer technology has had a tremendous influence on the formation of modern musical culture. Capabilities of modern computers are increasing every day in parallel to advances in science and technology and development in the field of programming.
It is time to mature constructive relations, the construction of general building, where both parties will feel the growing need in mutually enriching projects. So different and once seemed a distant spheres of human intellectual activity in the last decades of the last century not only imbued with mutual respect, but we can safely predict a brilliant fruitful development of their cooperation.
Evidence provided by a music computer fundamentally new possibilities in the development of professional thinking musician in all spheres of musical creativity will inevitably lead to rising introduction Music technology that will significantly complement and even change the very nature of the work of composer, musicologist, performer and educator.
Numerous experiments with electronic (and not only) machines that can extract audio, led to the emergence of different ways of writing music, and hence to the appearance of a variety of styles and trends. New sound, unusual and unaccustomed ear was innovation in music. Many well-known contemporary composers such as K. Stockhausen, O. Messiaen, Schnittke, despite the complexity of...

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