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A1.Nature of the Incident
An employee hacked into the human resource records system at the employee’s place of business and changed the employee’s base salary rate to obtain a pay raise. The employee did this by spoofing an IP address in order to eavesdrop on the network. Once the employee identified where the data was stored and how to modify it, the employee made the changes and received two paychecks with the new amount. IP Spoofing means, pretending to be something you are not. In Internet terms it means pretending to be a different Internet address from the one you really have in order to gain something. That might be information like credit card numbers, passwords, personal information or the ability to carry out actions using someone else’s identity.
IP spoofing attack involves forging one's source address. It is the act of using one machine to impersonate another.Spoofing is an active security attack in which one machine on the network masquerades as a different machine. As an active attack, it disrupts the normal flow of data and may involve injecting data into the communications link between other machines. This masquerade aims to fool other machines on the network into accepting the impostor as an original, either to lure the other machines into sending it data or to allow it to alter data. The meaning of“spoof” here is not “a lighthearted parody,” but rather “a deception intended to trick one into accepting as genuine something that is actually false.” Such deception can have grave consequences because notions of trust are central to many networking systems.In reality, the attacker is fooling (spoofing) the distant computer into believing that they are a legitimate member of the network. The goal of the attack is to establish a connection that will allow the attacker to gain root access to the host, allowing the creation of a backdoor...

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