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G-Shock Market Analysis

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Being a highly reputable brand of watches, G-Shock has successfully penetrated in Singapore market. Presently, G-Shock Protection series have quickly penetrated due to the brand, the style and the benefit that it has attributes such as shock resistance, water resistance (). Moreover, world time, solar power and other features are actually loaded into a G-Shock Protection ().
A box bag and the gift wrapping are such extra services that consumers can get when purchasing the product.
‘’Consumer market is the target market of G-Shock Protection that is a group those who has similar request’’ ().
The attributes and the sport-styles of G-Shock Protection are being interested by middle-aged consumers as the group that has similar request. Based on the demand of this group, G-Shock Protection provides many makes and models that come in various styles and colors. Therefore, G-Shock Protection is more likely to be a consumer product.
In Singapore, many consumers enquire about various brands of watches from the internet, other consumers or shops. This is point out that consumers usually spend a long time looking on the stylish of the product, including the G-Shock Protection products. Besides, many consumers are willing to accept a substitute product which its style and quality are similar to the G-Shock Protection product that they cannot find, because there are many G-Shock Protection’s competitors.
G-Shock Protection has experiences of more than twenty years in Singapore’s market and brings the trustworthiness in a high level for consumers. To compare with its competitors such as Rolex, Burberry and FJ Benjamin, as indicated, there are not only the brand name and logo make differences but also the attributes and features.
The G-Shock Protection packaging is clearly labeled the brand name, logo and country of organizing. It is for consumers to realize the...

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