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I believe that Gulf Arab Audience do behave this way and to support my opinion, I would say that yes, sir name is a big consideration in GAA society as you said, not only that, but physical appearance could also act as a huge impact in showing who you are, for example if you are dressed elegantly such as branded clothes, then in then in the case you have mention above this clearly gives the interviewer an impression that you have high stats, which will result into you to have more opportunity to get the job and that just because of the way you look it defines you!
Another reason why Gulf Arab Audience is consider as ascription is because they differentiate between genders, for example, women in gulf Arab society, are not encouraged to work in areas where a heavy work is being done, and this is because her status in society does not allow her to do this or it is not expected for her to do it and that because she is a woman!

I believe that the Gulf Arab Audience does behave as collectivism and to approve that I will mention two examples to let you understanding this point. The best example of that GAA behave as a collectivism is that the charity has a big space in the community and specially the secret charity, as the people in this community really care about the other and they give amount of their money to the people whom in need to this money to avoid the situation of suffering the deprivation of anything that these people could feel, they act as one family each family members support the other member and keep him /her a way of feeling of the need.

The other example is when a one family in the society has a deaths situation you can see clearly how the community is collectivism as the other families in the society keep in touch with this family and sharing with them their sadness feelings and the provide for them the food as they are...

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