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Gadget Use and Academic Performance

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Grade 12 Chemistry Exam Coverage

Topic | Reference | Measurement * Accuracy: Absolute error, Relative error * Precision: Range and Standard Deviation * Determining degree of precision of measuring devices * Significant figures * Errors in measurements * Random error * Systematic error: instrumental error, method error, personal error * Gross error | Lecture handoutsTextMath Toolbox 1.2p. 37-41 | Matter and its properties * Classification of Matter: substance and mixtures * Changes matter undergo: physical change and chemical change * Properties of matter * physical property: intensive & extensive * chemical property * Purification and Separation of matter: separation techniques | Lecture handouts TextChapter 1 1.1 p. 3-12 1.2 p. 13-26 | Atoms, Molecules and Ions * Structure of the atom: subatomic particles, the nuclear atom, isotopes, mass number, atomic number, isotope symbol * Ions: cations, anions, isotope symbol for ions * Naming ionic compounds * Naming covalent compounds | TextChapter 22.2 p. 60-682.3 p. 69-71Chapter 33.1 to 3.5p. 91-111 | Chemical Composition * Atomic mass: relative atomic mass, isotopic mass and isotopic abundance * Percent composition * Moles and Particles * Molar mass * Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula | TextChapter 22.4 p 72-74Chapter 44.1 to 4.3p. 130 - 148 | Quantities in Chemical Reactions * The meaning of a balanced reaction * Mole to mole conversion * mass to mass conversion * limiting reactants * percent yield | TextChapter 66.1 to 6.5p. 217-234 | Gases * Behavior of gases * Factors that affect the properties of gases * volume and pressure * volume and temperature * volume, pressure and temperature * Gay-Lussac’s law * Avogadro’s hypothesis * Ideal Gas Law * Calculations using ideal gas law * Kinetic Molecular Theory of...

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...The Effects of Gadget Brand on the Academic Performance of the Students ------------------------------------------------- bachelor of science in information technology education Prepared by: Belinda C. Buenaventura Rojelita G. Robles Sarah Grace A. Victorio BSIT I Block 1 Table of Contents Chapter 1 - - - - - - - - - - - The Problem and Its Background Chapter 2 - - - - - - - - - - - Research Methodology Chapter 3 - - - - - - - - - - - Results and Findings Chapter 4 - - - - - - - - - - - Conclusion and Recommendation References Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction We are now living in the 21st century wherein technology is indeed a part of our day-to-day life; we are now interacting in the era of unleashing progress of computer innovation, engaging to the promising technology of our generation. Most of those who embracing much of the technology are the youth. They are fond of using computers, different gadgets. Some spending most of their time in playing their gadgets but some are using their gadgets in a good way. Students, one of the leading users of gadgets, want of course to excel on their academic areas and gadgets are on their way to help them as they are now dwelling in the changing world. The relation between the students and gadgets are very concrete, then. Most students make use of their gadgets for them to do their school works easier. It is so and more convenient for......

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...and it stabs you in the back with the other.” Carrie P. Snow With remarkable technological advancements in third world countries like the Philippines, modern electronic gadgets play a vital role in everyone’s lives. Virtually every day, we find ourselves in situations that require us to use gadgets and devices to boost up performance in tasks we ought to do. Because of the advent of modern technology, the incorporation of electronic gadgets in student’s education continuously remain as one of the “educational battlegrounds” that is fought over and over again. Ever since, the introduction of technology in the country has evidently improved our performances in the various facets of our lives, not to mention the improvements it has done in the Philippine economy. Thus, the country is placing a high priority in technological advancements, with the hope of bringing the name of the Philippines in the list of “developed” countries in the world. Background of the Study In the Ateneo de Zamboanga University which is known for its innovative culture of technological revolution, students relatively have the capacity to acquire and own modern electronic gadgets. Because of these technological advancements, college professors tend to make their requirements or projects technically “modern”. Thus, electronic gadgets essentially have an impact most especially to the students for these will help them fulfil their requirements in accordance to the professors’ standards. To note,......

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...EFFECTS OF GADGETS TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF FIRST YEAR – BLOCK SEVEN STUDENTS OF BACHELOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 2014 – 2015 A Research Proposal Presented to Mrs. Corazon Castillo – Ruiz Associate. Professor, College of Education The National Teachers College Quiapo, Manila In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Writing in the Discipline By: ANTONINO, Glesa Lynn COMA, Sherlyn Jay GALLO, Christine MAGAT, Camille Rose APPROVAL SHEET Dear Ma’am: Good Day! Please accept our research proposal entitled: “EFFECTS OF GADGETS TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF FIRST YEAR BLOCK 7- BACHELOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION STUDENTS OF THE NATIONAL TEACHERS COLLEGE.” This proposal is in compliance to the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Writing in the Discipline. Thank you for your guidance and approval. Respectfully yours, Group Four: Antonino, Glesa Lynn Coma, Sherlyn Jay Gallo, Christine Magat, Camille Rose ACKNOWLEDGMENT We, Group Four have taken a lot of effort in this research. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them. First of all, we would like to express our special gratitude to our beloved Professor. Mrs. Ruiz. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to show and enhance our skills. Thank you as well for teaching and exploring...

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...people say. The World Wide Web has expanded significantly over the past decades and new electronic and digital gadgets and devices are being invented and innovated. From its humble beginnings to its boundless future, Technology has provided the World with greater possibilities and opportunities that affects various ways of life thus, making it easier. Due to these unfathomable advancements in Technology, People nowadays, specifically the students utilize the Internet and these hi-tech devices like the android devices to, in some way make life easier. In the students’ point of view, a phone is not just a simple phone that is used to communicate; Android phones are used to snap photos of writings on the board instead of jotting it down on notebooks and photos of pages and pages of books instead of having it photocopied. It also served as a mini computer where they search and browse the Internet for online review materials and exercises instead of researching in the library and browsing reference and exercise books. These are some ways on how students utilize this advancement in technology and help the Students make studying a tad less stress and hassle-free. Students being utilizers of these electronic gadgets and internet, Serve as a great Respondents on this study that focuses on the Implications of using online review materials and electronic gadgets to the Academic Performance of students, specifically the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students of Mabini Colleges. The......

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....6 3.2 Conclusion ……………………………………………...6 3.3 References ……………………………………………….7 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY In the year where electronic gadgets are not yet invented like computers, students are not yet engage in activities using technologies. Students rely on books and visit library facilities to study, read their notes and review their school lessons. During those years, despite the lack of computers and hi-tech gadgets students still achieve high and good grades and the students are still focused on their studies. They strive hard just to attain higher and better grades in their education. As years passed, industrial evolution occurred and great changes and improvements happened. One of these changes in the invention of the computer. Some people can’t afford to buy one for themselves or for their children. But for people who have enough money to buy themselves a computer, they are lucky because they can use the computer to do their home works and projects. Students who can’t afford to buy a computer just go to the library to read book, to do research work, and to make their school project....

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...THE EFFECTS OF THE MODERNIZATION OF TECHNOLOGY TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF THE 3RD YEAR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF DIVINE LIGHT ACADEMY FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2013-2014 Chapter I A. Introduction The modernization of technology has been a major source of change in every human being’s daily life in this world. The society today is no longer incorporated with the past traditions and the variety of choices people have gained with modern technology are simply limitless. It has total efficiency, mobility, and accuracy. But the modernization of technology also has its disadvantages to society. The modernization of technology - particularly computers and internet are becoming one of people’s necessities and some people couldn’t just live without it. As defined by the internet article The Positive and Negative Effects of Computers, computers are very useful these days. If people need answers to their questions, just type what it is, and the computer will give the answer right away. It made people’s lives easier and convenient. It really changed the way people live. But of course, computers and internet also have its flaws or disadvantages especially to the students. Instead of studying, students would play computer games or even update their social networking sites. Or sometimes, students forget to do their school works and face the computer all day. So instead, the researchers hope that computers will help people to be advanced, developed and help them grow. Students were......

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...DIGITAL LEARNING AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF INTERMEDIATE PUPILS OF ADRIATICO MEMORIAL SCHOOL CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction Today’s world is being described as the “modern world.” Modern through the use of technology at home, in the office, in school and everywhere where technology plays a role in the people’s lives. We cannot deny that it changes almost everything around us; not just in our way of earning for a living but on how we live from day to day with technology as the biggest part of our lives. There are different kinds of transportation that help us get into our destination the fastest time, our appliances at home that minimizes our time in doing the household chores and in keeping us comfortable and safe, all the means of communications that make our messages be sent in the fastest pace, and most importantly in education where learning is being delivered in a most responsive, interactive and digital way. Here comes digital learning. According to Alliance for Excellent Education, “Digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. Digital learning encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and practices, including, among others, online and formative assessment; an increase in the focus and quality of teaching resources and time; online content and courses; applications of technology in the classroom and school building; adaptive software for students with special......

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...Technological gadgets are today’s latest trend in society’s technology, especially in school. In our University, the University of Nueva Caceres, almost all of the students have at least one of these gadgets which can be used to educate, to entertain and to get information. There are so many benefits of incorporating technological gadgets in school, such as bringing new perspective and knowledge to the lessons. It may also help us through the struggles of graduating and pursuing our careers. Technology makes our lives easier. Today’s student have tremendous opportunities to learn and to connect by using it but with each advantage comes a potential cost when we understand those costs and can minimize them, we can keep the use of technological gadgets to remain positive. University of Nueva Caceres is found on the vicinity of Naga City’s market place where there are so many ways to entertain ourselves. It is also a private school so most of the students may have a lot of money given to them by their parents as an allowance. Some students may keep it, some may buy new things and some waste it, badly. Students who waste money badly are those students who tend to cut class just to make it out to their bad habits. That includes cutting classes to go through malls to entertain and going to Internet cafés just to play computer games, betting games and or virtual games. There is always another side to everything. Overuse or using inappropriately these gadgets may result to......

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...that electronics gadgets modifies the world. It is now the most acquired by many. This will show the true power of electronically gadgets. We group of researchers wants to prove that it can also help in the field of studies, we came up with this topic because we see that students are dependent to their gadgets, we want to show the effectiveness and efficiency of its work when it comes to students, and to clarify the real implications to college folks. “Electronic gadgets are the instruments which can perform many activities at a time with vast speed & makes the hard work efficient one.” Some of them are in following figure, there are many ‘Electronic gadgets’, which we are using in day days life such as computer, T.V., mobile, I-pod, pen drive, etc. available easily. These instruments helps us by making easy paper work, entertaining, for communication etc. But not to limit only this, these instruments are proved useful in almost every industry. Electronic gadgets operate many machines, ships, aero planes, and industrial activities. Also they are used to identify conditions for the performance of any works. (Agrawal, S.(n.d.). The Influence of Electronic Gadgets in Student Life. Retrieved from According to Cynthia Roberson (n.d.), teaching and learning nowadays is really difficult for both teachers and students. Teachers expect more to their students and students also expects more to learn from their teachers, but with gadgets or......

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...REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter contains the gathered researches from different sources. These different studies will be used as a guide and support to the research. The related literature starts with the good and important effects of different gadgets used in learning areas and goes on with the possible effects that might happen to Students when technology is being used extensively. On the later part of the chapter are the gathered related studies and articles done by various researchers. Foreign Literature Jessica White (2005) said that, technology has completely changed the scope of education in America. Most states require a technology aspect to their school improvements plans. They have embraced the idea that using technology in their classroom makes the subject anything from math to art-more accessible to many kinds of students. Educators, administrators, parents, and students are so well-versed in technology that it has become norm in even the most economically disadvantaged schools. She also stated that controversy exist about some students having access too much information. Some internet sites are not monitored by educational sources. Students who have not been taught the proper way to research on the internet might make a research hypothesis based on a website whose information is untrustworthy. Educators should be cautious and explain exactly what their expectations to their students are. Plagiarizing-detection software checks that......

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... In the year where electronic gadgets are not yet invented like computers, students are not yet engage in activities using technologies. Students rely on books and visit library facilities to study. They read their notes and review their school lessons. During those years, despite the lack of computers and hi-tech gadgets students were still able to achieve high and good grades, and they were capable of focusing in their studies. They strived hard just to attain higher and better grades in their education. As years passed, industrial evolution occurred, great changes and improvements happened. One of these changes is the invention of the computer and other gadgets. Everyone knows that we are living in a technological era. The computers became irreplaceable tool in the everyday life of most people. The adult users generally use it for business purposes while youngsters for computer games. Many people considers using computer as part of their everyday routines because it provides leisure which is a very important component in the sphere of the life. Nowadays, majority of young people spend their leisure time playing computer games, and surfing through the internet. Playing computer games have become one of the favorite time- spending of some adult and young people especially the students.This is one of the reasons why there is computer addiction. But to put it simply, addicted students uses computers to occupy their time. ...

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...SAN PEDRO TOWARDS THEIR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE A.Y 2013-2014 A Research paper Presented to the Faculty of the English Department In partial fulfillment with the requirements for English IV Barcelona, Nikka Garcia, Alvin Baluyut, Carl Janson Lagac, Ma. Jeremay Arjen T. Emalay, Gabrianne B. Molinyawe, Shaira Enriquez, Edward D. Rabanal, Joan Marie Enriquez, Jazzmin O Uy, Joachim Rey B. January 2014 Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Behavior is one of the most important aspects for all students to be not just good on their academic performance but also for other people’s perception to them like their teachers, administrators and also their principal. Different students have different behaviors based on their experience, status and their vision in life. Because of these aspects, student behavior can be affected whether positively or negatively. Academic performance will surely be affected because of different factors revolving around the student. As an effect, students with good behavior and good study habits will certainly excel on their academic performance while students with poor behavior and poor study habits might likely fail on their academic performance status. ......

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