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Gallaudet University

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Gallaudet University
Attending university is a unique life experience most people dream of going through since they were young. While there are many types of higher education, 4-year universities, technical schools, online schools, there is one school that stands out in terms of quality and service; Gallaudet University. Established in 1864 and named after one of the founders of the school, Gallaudet University is the leading private university specifically designed for deaf and hard of hearing people and is located in Washington D.C. Gallaudet has much to offer such as programs in liberal education and career development, athletics, and an enjoyable campus life.
Gallaudet University will build upon its rich history as the world's premier higher education institution serving deaf and hard of hearing people to become the university of first choice for the most qualified, diverse group of deaf and hard of hearing students in the world, as well as hearing students pursuing careers related to deaf and hard of hearing people. Gallaudet will empower its graduates with the knowledge and practical skills vital to achieving personal and professional success in the changing local and global communities in which they live and work. Gallaudet will also strive to become the leading international resource for research, innovation and outreach related to deaf and hard of hearing people. (Vision Statement of Gallaudet University;
Gallaudet is achieving their vision statement by creating a barrier-free, bilingual learning environment in emphasis on American Sign Language. It also has the potential to grow, develop, and improve the lives and knowledge of all deaf and hard of hearing people worldwide with research.
Gallaudet University has approximately 21,436 alumni around the world and offers over 40 majors in areas arts/media, business, human services,...

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