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Scripting Activity Name: Devid Brodsky
Start with The First Step continue and finish all steps in the tutorial. Answer the questions as you finish each page.
Please answer in your own words, do not copy and paste for full credit.
1 What is Apple Script?AppleScript is a language that it's the script files for the actions to be controlled of the computers and applications to be ran.
2 When you describe things in scripting, why is the chain of command important?
Because the chain of command can identify very specific scriptable which the scripts can contain the hierarchical references.
3 What does the “tell” statement always start with?
Application “Finder”
On your mac make a script that opens one application. Show your instructor _______ initials tell application "Finder" to open folder "Documents" of home
On your mac make a script that closes one application. Show your instructor _______ initials tell application "Finder" to close folder "Documents" of home
4 What does the “get” command do?
“Get” can extract information or data into the scriptable element or object.
On your mac make a script that shows the name of one application. Show your instructor _______ initials tell application "Finder" to get the name of front Finder window
5 What command can open the Finder window?tell application "Finder" to open home
6 How does the “Target” command used in the “chain of command”
The target folder is contained by the Users folder that it's on the startup disk into the Finder application.
7 If the toolbar visible is “False” what happens to the toolbar?
The toolbar wouldn't be displayed by the window.

8 What command controls the size of the window?
Set the sidebar width of Finder window

tell application "Finder" to set the sidebar width of Finder window 1 to 240
9 If a user wants to have a list view for all of their windows, what script would you write for them? tell application "Finder" to set the current view of the front Finder window to list view
Make a script that changes the current view to list view. Show your instructor _______ initials

10 If you had a user with vision requirements, what script command could you use to automatically adjust size for that person? tell application "Finder" to set the bounds of the front Finder window to {24, 96, 524, 396}

11 How does the tell block make it easier to build scripts?
A tell block could target multiple actions at a single scriptable and it's also cleaner, more concise, and easier to read in tell statements.

12 What happens if you forget the “end tell” statement?
I would get an error message and not allow me to run the script.

13 If an application does not support the position command, what other command should work? set the current view
14 Where do you save your script so that it runs automatically on startup?
Open any Finder window first then click the New to create a new folder named Toolbar Scripts then choose Application from the File Format pop-up menu. Final, save the button.
Create a script that runs on startup show your instructor _____________ initials

*************** End of Lab Activity ****************

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