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Gaming: Ethical Dilemma

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The topic that I have chosen to do my research is Gaming: Regulations and Addiction. I am not a gambler. I never have been a gambler nor do I intend to participate in gambling in the forseeable future. However, I have the need to discuss this particular topic in anyway possible because I have noticed that gaming as a whole, has been gaining ground more than ever, especially in the rural America. Gaming has an impact on our society in such a negative way and has affected many people nationally and globally, gaming has affected some of people that I have grown up with and have known most of my life, including my mother who's now addicted to computer slot machine gaming. I see and the understand the catastrophic impact that gaming has on the people from my community, let alone my own mother, which is why I came to choose this topic.

Three Research Questions

1.) Does gaming have any positive contribution to our society?

I strongly believe it is crucial that we determine if gaming has an actual positive effect in our society or it is just an absolute disruption to our ethical views in life. I truly think that it is the latter but it is important that we take a look on different aspects of gaming as a whole before we can conclude upon it.

2.) Is there an ethical need for new regulations in gaming as a whole?

It is critically important to review all the regulations that were put on gaming to identify if new regulations are necessary. With the affects that it has in our society, we need to determine what’s missing as far as regulations is concerned.

3.) When does gaming recreation becomes an ethical dilemma?

When I hear the word ‘gaming’ I personally always associate it with ‘betting in monetary terms’. In my opinion, some of us never really think of gaming as recreation but instead we think of it as we might be lucky and win some money or the worse, we could lose tons of money. I think it is just as important to weigh in on ethical dilemmas that comes with gaming, one of which is addiction.

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