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Gang Violence in Our Schools

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RUNNING HEAD: Gang Violence in our Schools

Gang Violence in our Schools
Tonya Upton
ENGL 103-1403A-29
Professor Lisa Reason
CTU Online
August 5, 2014

Gang violence in our schools has become a national epidemic. Every day we send our children to school expecting for them to have a safe learning environment. Sadly in this day and age that is not so. “Today’s gangs are more violent, their activities are more widespread and they are more entrenched within communities” (Cahill, 2010). Gang violence in our schools not only affects our children but also our community. With gang violence on the rise more extreme measures must be taken to combat this important issue. Gang violence has become so common in our schools that by some standards it has become socially acceptable by our youth. Peer pressure has been an influence on our society since the beginning of time. In today’s world it’s more present than ever. Our children see violence in the world around them on a daily basis, so why should it be strange for them to see it in their schools environment? It’s what all the cool and popular kids are doing. It makes them part of a group and they are not alone anymore. They now have friends who like them and make them feel accepted. Getting good grades and following the rules are not as important to them as their new friends are. By succumbing to their peer’s pressure of joining a gang or group they may feel that they are a part of extended family. This would be attractive to most young people, especially those without a stable home environment. There are several home environment situations that promote school violence and gang membership. Parents that fight at home on a regular basis may lead their child to believe that this is a normal lifestyle. Physical, sexual, and, or emotional abuse at home can also lead to the student being more receptive...

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