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Zaria Johnson February 26, 2011
6-305 4th book report
Stuck In Neutral

This book is called Stuck in Neutral and is written by Terry Trueman. It was published on October 9, 2001. Terry attended the University of Washington, where he received his B.A. in creative writing. He also has a M.S. in applied psychology and a M.F.A. in creative writing, both from Eastern Washington University. He has two sons and currently lives Spokane, Washington since 1974.

There are a few main characters in this book. The main character in this book is Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen year old boy who has a disease called cerebral palsy (C.P) Even though Shawn can not speak or move any muscles he thinks that his father his planning to kill him to ease his pain during his seizures. Shawn’s father is Sydney E. McDaniel. He wrote the poem “Shawn” and won a Pulitzer Prize for it. The reason Shawn thinks his father is planning to kill him his because his father left because he couldn’t stand not having a regular child. His mom Lindy (Linda) his over protective which Shawn doesn’t like even he is completely paralyzed, in his mind he knows he’s fourteen, and he wants to be treated like it. Cindy (Cynthia) and Paul are a great brother and sister to Shawn. Cindy helped him learn things even though he is paralyzed which makes her a great sister. Paul sneaks food for him and stood up for him once which to Shawn also makes him a great brother.

There are only two main settings in this story. The first one is the McDaniel house which residents are Linda McDaniel, Paul McDaniel, and Cindy McDaniel. The second and last setting are the places Shawn goes when he is having his seizures, Shawn goes anywhere during his seizures. This whole entire story is about a fourteen year old boy, named Shawn, with cerebral palsy (C.P) who thinks that his father is going to kill him. Shawn thinks because of his disease with constant seizures his father wants to end his pain. To make Shawn think about this is because his father abandoned his family because of his disease. Another hint would be as a result to his father (Sydney E. McDaniel) being famous he was on a talk show. One an episode of a talk show Sydney supported the action of a criminal by smothering his special needs son to death to ease his pain also. When Shawn heard about this he became more scared just like his brother and sister for him. At the end we find out that Shawn has a seizure talking to his father, but never find out what happens next.

This book taught me that I shouldn’t feel bad when special or disable kids can’t do what we do such as talk or walk because they can understand us and think. In my opinion that is all what they need love and imagination. It thought don’t treat any other disabled person worse or better than your friend. I took from this book that if you feel that’s something is wrong or different about a family member ask them what’s going on. If you’re disabled and able to speak tell a guardian. If your disabled, but cannot speak just hope it’s nothing bad intentioned to you. I would only give this book to certain age groups such as the 6th grade level to the 9th. I really liked the book, but it wouldn’t be suitable for a 3rd grader to read it with the kind of language they use in the book.

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