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Gap the Up and Coming

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A. Provide twelve business terms and definitins that are new to you that are used by this company.
Franshisee- Aperosn who buys a franchise
Profit- revenue minus expenses
Mission statement- outlines the organization's fundamental purposes.
Importing- buying products from other countrie
Exporting- selling products to another country
Contract manufacturing- foreign company produces private label goods to which a domestic company then attaches its own brand name or trademark.
Integrity based ethics code- define the organizations guiding alues, create an environment taht supports ethically sound behavoir
Corporate social initiaves - enhanced forms of corporate philanthropy directly related to the company's competencies.
Insider trading- uses private company infomation to further insers own fortuenes or those of their family and friends.
Unified system- this happes after managers have decided a course of action now they need to organize the fimr to accomplish their goals.
Middle management- this includes gernal managers, division managers, and branch and plant managers.
B. Discuss the organizationl structure of the business relative to these five functinal areas:
Marketing - The different forms of marketig, sales, and adverting for Gap are television, radio, credit card discounts, mail, and email. Gap spends a certain amount of money on advertising everymonth, and if they do not feel as though they are getting the response they hoped for they will pull the plug on that idea and go the next. Gap has commercials on television and radio, they are actully pretty catchy. Males and females from birth to 65 is their target market(gapincccom). I think they do a good job.
Human resources - Gaps human resources department is functional it is head up by Eva Sage-Gavin her and her team personally hire all the regional managers and supply all the information for...

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