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Gaps in Childhood Development

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Gaps in Childhood Development Billie Jo Gary Argosy University PSY260

In this assignment, I will discuss the gaps and bridges in child development. I have written a very informal and concise explanation of what causes these gaps and how we can manage even though they exist.

Introduction Throughout the years, there have been many great theorists to contribute to the world of psychology. Three of the most well-known of these theorists are Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, and
Sigmund Freud. All three of these men have contributed to the world of psychology in ways that have proved to change history and how we study science and even more so the development of children. From the dynamics of the development of the child and adolescent mind to the underlying causes for most adult sexual disorders, the work that these men did throughout their lifetimes proved to produce amazing results for not only managing to turn their names into household names of their time but also going down in history for bringing to one’s attention that which no one had ever dared to touch before. Although the theories contributed by these men are each significant and all are in relation to childhood and adolescent development, they also each possess certain distinct qualities that allow them to stand out beside their creator.

According to Jean Piaget, his observations allowed him to gather that children reason and understand differently depending...

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