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Gattaca: the Genetic Engineering Story

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Gattaca: The Genetic Engineering Story
Carl D. Knapp
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Gattaca: The Genetic Engineering Story
The movie, “Gattaca”, comes to us as a possible window into our “not-so-distant-future.”(Niccols, 1997) This possible window into the future shows us what life could be like if human genetic engineering is utilized to the greatest effort. The character Vincent in the movie explained that they have taken discrimination down to a science. (Niccols, 1997) Vincent knows that due to his inferiority to the world made him a part of the underclass, which isn’t classed by his social status, but rather his genes. The writer/director of this film, Andrew Niccols, shows the world this different form of discrimination that could be in our futures. As we know, there are people that are already making orders of how they want their children to look. Will our society continue on this path to where we are eventually just like the people of Gattaca? Is genetic engineering ethical? Has watching this movie changed my opinion of gentic engineering?
In the beginning of the movie, we learn that Vincent was conceived through natural means. This means that he wasn’t genetically engineered to be perfect. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, genetic engineering is “the artificial manipulation, modification, and recombination of DNA or other nucleic acid molecules in order to modify an organism or population of organisms.”(2009) Vincent was born with a heart problem which according to the doctors his life expectancy was 32 years. The genetic defect that would haunt Vincent for the rest of his life is what ultimately causes him to be considered an underclass citizen. This new type of discrimination is not even fair; because the people that weren’t genetically engineered, never had a...

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