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A Guide to Understanding General Consumption Tax
TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Introduction Part 2: Registration Registration for GCT purposes How and when to apply Post-registration Procedures Part 3: Charging GCT Taxable supply Place of Supply Time of Supply Value of Supply Rates of GCT GCT on Imported Goods and Supply Part 4: Keeping Records and Accounts Legal requirements Records and Books to be Kept Tax Invoice Records of Sales and Purchases Input Tax Accounting Bases Simplified Accounting Methods Part 5: GCT Returns 31- 39 19 - 30 14 - 18 3-6 7 - 13

Basic Information Standard Return, Normal Accounting Methods (Form 4A) Simplified Return, Simplified Accounting Method (Form 4B)
3rd Edition “A Guide to Understanding GCT” Reprinted 2006.


Furnishing the Return Penalty and Surcharge Part 6: Assessments, Objections, Appeals, Penalties 40 - 42

Assessment on Registered Taxpayers, Registered Persons Amendment of an Assessment Notices and Time Limits for Assessments Objections Appeals Penalties

3rd Edition “A Guide to Understanding GCT” Reprinted 2006.


The General Consumption Tax (GCT), which commenced on October 22, 1991, has simplified and modernized the Jamaican indirect tax system. The GCT replaced eight (8) taxes. Those were Excise Duty CARICOM Duty Retail Sales Tax Telephone Service Tax Entertainment Duty Hotel Accommodation Tax Consumption Duty (other than on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and petroleum products which is covered under the Special Consumption Tax) Additional Stamp Duty levied on the importation of goods (except for in-bond shops, 'Protected" goods, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and petroleum products). The GCT is a value added tax, which is applied on the value added to goods and services at each stage in the production and distribution chain. It is a tax on consumption and is included in the final price the...

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