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Gay Marriage Does Not Hurt Traditional Marriage

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Traditionally, a marriage consists of a man and woman joining their lives together through a ceremony that is typically religious. The evolution of people and relationships has majorly impacted the ideal image of how a marriage is entered upon. For example, it was taboo to most people during and before the Civil Rights era in the United States for individuals of different ethnic backgrounds to date one another; let alone, get married and start a family. It almost seems that most people who were against interracial relationships during this time believed that God’s intent of marriage only should be of two people who share the same faith and heritage. Well, just like all of Earth’s entities we as humans evolve! More specifically, Americans have evolved in how we view right and wrong in today’s society. Currently, there are various levels of how family structures exist. “With marriage exerting less influence over how adults organize their lives and bear their children, cohabitation is filling some of the vacuum” (Leo, 2009, p. 1). “Today about a half of all non-marital births are to a cohabiting couple; 15 years ago, only about a third were” (Leo, 2009, p. 1). “Cohabiters are ambivalent about marriage – just under half (44%) say they to want marry; a nearly equal portion (41%) say they aren’t sure” (Leo, 2009, p. 1). Being that the idea of traditional marriage is losing its popularity, what can be blamed for its declining status? Some will argue and say that media has a huge impact on young people view marriage. Popular talks shows like, “The Maury Show” and “The Jerry Springer Show” clearly provides an insight into the mind-set of how marriage is depicted in American society. Talk shows like these only focuses on the dysfunctions that exist in most marriages. They provide a televised stage for Americans to ridicule and make fun of these crumbling marriages,...

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