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Since President Obama recently made a public statement announcing he supports gay marriage, it may not too far away for Legalising gay marriage. What positive effects can it bring to our society?
First of all, the impact on gay marriage and their families has been positive and profound.
A range of studies have shown that marriage leads to improved mental and physical health, findings cited the American Psychological Association when it endorsed marriage equality in August last year.
We found that over 70 per cent of married same-sex couples felt marriage had increased the level of commitment in their relationship. The same percentage of same-sex partners felt more accepted and legitimised within their broader families and communities, with a common response being that being married made it easier for other people to understand and affirm their relationship.

Secondly, It can reduce the suicide rate when we accept the same-sex marriage. For a number of years, researchers have known that one-third of all teenagers who commit suicide are gay. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services puts the annual rate of suicide in the U.S. at between 35,000 and 40,000 per year, among of them, 20% of sucide come from lesbian, gay and bisexual.
Sadly, it is predictable that gay kill themselves more often than other people simply because their life chances are so limited by social and legal discrimination. Only when this discrimination is eliminated will these shocking statistics change. In conclution, it is imperative to accept same-sex couples.

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