Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage
Ashford University
Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
SOC 120
Abayomi Balogun
October 5, 2012

Gay Marriage
The future of marriage in America is coming to a change in this day and age. The idea of just a traditional marriage will just about vanish; instead it will include man and man or woman and woman. From my stand point it doesn’t change things in my life nor should it change anything in others. Let’s look back in history to things that needed to be change to tolerations in our country. Not too many years ago it was illegal for a non-white to marry a white because of The Racial Integrity Act enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia. Now look at where we have come today. So it’s is just a matter of time for tolerance of this next. Here I will point out some of the basic issues and need of humans before I start in on the religious points as to why it is looked at as wrong in some people’s eyes but not in others.
It has only been one way I have ever had a negative outlook on this topic is the atheistic view on laws and the beliefs as to how marriage is to be. I am making these statements as child from a homosexual parent who had a civil union of her own. The idea that the laws are old and out dated for our lives this day and age is so outlandish. These law and developments are the corner stone of our lives and cultural development. A few of the anti government groups point out that this is the right of someone to marry who they please. This is a law that you just cannot change just to suit your life or lifestyle. Marriage is a legal state conferring real, tangible benefits on those who participate in it: specifically, tax breaks as well as other advantages when it comes to inheritance, property ownership, and employment benefits. But family law, since it limits marriage to heterosexual couples over the age of…...