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Activity 1
For this activity 1 task I was asked to develop an idea for a music festival in your local area, decide upon a ticket price by creating a spread sheet model and create some digital products to promote the festival. I started this task by searching for music artists to attend my festival. I searched on the internet repeatedly looking for music artist and then refined my search by using a Boolean operator. E. g, “music artists” and it came up with 280 million results. Then I refined my search by using the Boolean operator “Or”, I search “music artists or musicians” and this came up with 48 million results. I also searched on the internet “music artist for hire” and got 30 million results, I then refined my search by searching “music artists and musicians for hire”, and this came up with 13 million results, because I used the Boolean operator “And”.
This search came up with 280 million results.

This search came up with 280 million results.

Then I refined my search and 48 million results, this is because I used the Boolean operator ‘or’.
Then I refined my search and 48 million results, this is because I used the Boolean operator ‘or’.

This shows that when I refine my search it produces fewer results which are more specific to my search.
Also part of my investigation I chose 3 non music artist and 7 music artist. I used google to find out how much they would cost and decide whether to hire them.
Also part of my investigation I conducted a survey and handed it out to people. I did this to find out what my target audience would prefer at my music festival. For example, the type of music genre to be performed, what time, day and month it should be held and what venue. These are examples of some of the results I received from my target audience.
These are examples of some of the results I received from my target audience.

From my survey results I decided that my festival would be held on Saturday 25th Jul y, at Finsbury Park. I chose this because 87% of my target audience that took part in the survey preferred the festival to be held on a Saturday. 63% of my target audience that took part in the survey preferred the festival to be held in July. 75% of my target audience that took part in the survey preferred the festival to be held in Finsbury Park. I decided to have Hip Hop and pop artists to perform and have mostly meat food. I chose this because 63% of my target audience that took part in the survey preferred the festival to have Hip hop and pop music artist to perform. 75% of my target audience that took part in the survey preferred the festival to meaty food.
Which artists could feature at your festival? Are these artists appropriate for your target audience?
They’re appropriate because they’re fan base is made up of mostly my target audience. Despite these artists being expensive, I’ll make a lot of profit from the audience they attract, because all these artists have large fan bases. For example, Rihanna has over 43 million twitter followers, Nicki Minaj has over 19 million followers, and snoop Dogg has 12 million followers. This shows how big some of the artists’ comings fan base are, which will then increase my profit.

One of the difficulties during the investigation was finding cheap artists. However I couldn’t find any cheap artists that have a large fan base and are appropriate for my target audience. To overcome this I decided to have some expensive artists and some cheap artist, also by choosing a venue with a large capacity I will my income would be higher than my expenses.

For this activity 1 task I was asked to create a logo for my festival.

I created my logo by using images form the internet of a musical note and others, and I made the background a colour between black and white and made my title white. My strapline was ‘awakened by what hear’, I chose this because it’s alluring phrase and it’ll attract my audience. The logo appeals to the audience because it is big and bold I used a musical note to show that it’s actually music festival.
Does your logo meet the requirements of the CAB?
Yes, because the CAB requires the logo to be one colour so I created a new logo made up of one colour.
One of the difficulties I had whilst creating my logo was meeting the requirements of the cab off keeping the logo one colour. This was difficult because I spent too much time creating my initial that I had to take more time after it to create a new one. However I overcame this difficulty by making using images form the internet of a musical note and others, and I made the background a colour between black and white and made my title white.

Teaser video:
For this activity 1 task I was asked to create a teaser video for my festival.
How did you decide on the content for the teaser video?
To create my teaser video I used the software Serif Movie plus. I decided the content of my teaser video by adding images of the artists which are going to attend the music festival and some images of people at a festival enjoying themselves. I also used images of people at festivals having fun. I used this because it gives my target audience a view of what the festival will be like, therefore making them wanting to come. For the soundtrack I used short clips of music from some of the artists which are going to perform at the festival. To ensure that my video was the right length I added more images of the artists and made the music of the artists longer, I also changed the time on how long each image was on for.
Test buddy: add some background music to the teaser video.
Response to feedback: I added Jay z poundcake instrumental as the background music.
I had several difficulties whilst creating my teaser video, at first I found adding images to the teaser video a difficult because this was the first time I had used this software. However after multiple attempts and assistance from my teacher I learnt how to import images and sound to the teaser video.

Artist database:
For this activity 1 task I was asked to update a database and use it to produce a list of artists that would be suitable to perform at your festival.
I was given an artist database by the CAB. Only two of my chosen artists were on the database. So I had to do research on the artists that I wanted, and add them to the database. I added eight artists and their information to the database. I needed to know how much each artist would cost to hire, however there was no wasn’t any definitive results. So I used the status of the artist in their industry and how well known they are to estimate a cost.
These are some of the artists I have added to my database.
These are some of the artists I have added to my database.

I then went on to do a query which resulted in me creating a report of the artists I want at my festival, and present it to the booking agent. I customised my report by changing the colour of the title.
This is my finished report.
This is my finished report. Test buddy: add the artists’ contact information so the booking agent will be able to make contact
I added their contact information such as their email or website to the database so the booking agent will be able to make contact.
Teacher feedback: to improve your report you should order the list of artist in the report in alphabetical order.
I put the list of artists in alphabetical order; this will make my report more presentable instead of having the list of artists in a random order.
One of the difficulties of this task was finding the cost of the artists, to overcome this I used the status of the artist in their industry and how well known they are to estimate a cost.

Activity 2
Festival Model Spreadsheet:
For this activity 2 task I was asked to create a spreadsheet model to decide the ticket price for the music festival.
I created my own design because I wanted to use the same theme as I did in my previous documents. I created pages for m income, expenditure, price list and summary. I added hyperlinks, colour, and formulas. I put my logo on every page. My theme colour was grey so I made every page grey. I added formulas to my income, expenditure and summary sheet page. I added the VLOOKUP formula, data validation and drop down menus, I also used conditional formatting, which changes colour whether I make a profit or loss. I also added hyperlinks to make it easier for the user to navigate the festival model easily.
To test my model I checked if the formulas and hyperlinks were working correctly. I also used error check to see if a formula were wrong. I tested whether my summary sheet was working correctly.
My model allows me to use ‘what if’, , It allows me to see whether I make profit or not if I change my ticket price from £80 to £5.
Teacher feedback: I was told to make sure that my VLOOKUPS were correct and I was told to make it clear weather I’m making a profit or I’m making a loss. I should make a Home page and add hyperlinks on it of the pages on the spread sheet so it’s easier to navigate. I was also told to Set my homepage on the spreadsheet and make it neater. Check your punctuation on the spreadsheet. Show the totals possibly in a different colour. Make better use of the space on the spreadsheet.
To improve my model I corrected my VLOOKUP’S to make sure that they matched the cost I had first. I wrote the formula “=IF(F15>=0,"Profit","Loss")”. This showed that when I made a profit, the word Profit would show up, and it’ll be green. But when I made a loss, the word loss would show up and it’ll be red. I made a homepage. And I coloured the totals yellow and used less space on the spreadsheet.

For this activity 2 task I was asked to produce a recommendations presentation to be presented.
My presentation includes data from my festival model. I turned some of the data from my model to pie charts and graphs; I did this to make it clearer for the reader by using visual data. I also used data from my investigation, such as artist are attending and how much they cost. From my model I used ticket prices and data about the income and expenditure. I turned some figures from my income and expenditure in to graphs and pie charts. I used a chart to show my profit/loss when I changed the ticket price from £80 to £5.
Teacher feedback: to improve your recommendations presentation you should use charts and graphs, also add explanations for my points. To improve my recommendations presentation I used charts and graphs, I also added explanations for my points
Downloadable flyer:
For this activity 2 task I was asked to create a downloadable flyer for my festival.
To meet the requirements of the cab I have included: key information about the event, the logo and strapline, date and time, duration, artists’ attending, ticket price, relevant images. The colour of my flyer was black and grey which is theme of my festival. I added the ticket price in large and bold text so it stands out. I also added the names and images in large and bold text of some of the artist performing at my festival which will attract people to come. I used images of the artists that are attending to make it clear to the viewers of whose coming.

Activity 3
Meeting the requirements of the cab; yes as my promo has a soundtrack not only that but it’s between 60-45 seconds and the music matches my target which is teenagers to 29 year olds. I created a promo script; I included the artist line up. I estimated my timeline and kept it over 45 seconds to meet the requirements of the cab.
I used a well-known instrumental and soothing instrumental. I used ‘Jay z Poundcake instrumental’. I did this because I didn’t want to get my audience distracted by background music. I asked someone else to speak on the promo because my voice is deep and not clear, and the other person had a clear voice.
Teacher feedback: to change your soundtracks to songs that’ll be represented at your festival. And to create a promo script and plan. Also your promo does not seem to be completed, and it stops very abruptly and it is only35 sec long. It needs to be 45 sec or more. You also need to lower the soundtracks so that my voice is heard.
I couldn’t change m soundtrack to music that’ll be represented at my festival because my application didn’t allow me to do so I used ‘Jay Z poundcake instrumental’. I also created a promo script and plan. From my feedback I received I faded out the music at the end instead of stopping abruptly. I made the music extend until 45 seconds to meet the requirements of the cab. I also lowered the background music so that my voice can be heard clearly.

Mobile application prototype – design:
I created a structure diagram and a mobile app storyboard. My storyboard has 6 pages that’ll be in m app. In my storyboard I included what I was going to include on my app, such as text, logo, teaser video, flyer, promo, images and navigation bar. I put my logo on every page, and added suitable images and text. I added my promo, teaser video and flyer to give information to the audience. The font was Cambria (body) size 12, so it is easy to read.
Meeting the requirements of the cab; yes I included a home section featuring the artists performing at the festival, a section featuring the teaser video, a section featuring the downloadable flyer, a section featuring my promo and being able to view the app on a tablet in landscape.
Teacher feedback: To make your navigation bar larger. To review the criteria for this task to ensure you included everything you had to include for your design.
In increased the length of each bar from 2.54 cm to 3.1/3.44 cm, and I increased the width from 0.94 cm to 1.23 cm. After reviewing the criteria I added a section where the audience are able to download the flyer.

Mobile application prototype – build:
I gathered some of my assets from previous activities and some after where I have decided to include them on the mobile app storyboard. I have created a folder called ‘pictures used’ which includes all the images I was going to use in my app. I prepared them for use by referring back to my mobile app storyboard, where I have already decided on where and how to use those assets. This made creating the app easier as I have already acquired my assets.
Some of the assets I have chosen were required by the CAB such as, teaser video, downloadable flyer and promo. However I used other assets such as images because they are suitable and appropriate for my app.
I made a slideshow which has images of the artists performing at the festival, and a list of some of their achievements. I did this because it is more suitable than having to fit 10 images and sentence for each across a page. I tested my prototype by creating a test plan for what parts of the app I was going to test, I then wrote what was meant to happen and then wrote the actual result.
The final prototype differs from my original design because I have included a slideshow in my prototype, which I didn’t have in my story board.

My performance:
For the controlled assessment I had completed all tasks required of me and met the deadlines set by my teacher. However, some tasks I couldn’t finish in the time set by my teacher due to accessibility. For example, for my teaser video I used an application called movie plus. This application was not on all computers across my school and I didn’t have it at home. The same problem happened when I was making my flyer, logo and mobile application. Another problem was that I had never used some of the software before, such as draw plus, movie plus and web plus. This wasted me and my teacher’s time, by trying to work things out. Also I another problem I had was due to technical issues, for example when I was doing my promo after I had converted it into mp3 format, I would realise that it was less than 45seconds so I had to redo it. However I had deleted the audacity file which I had initially created it on, this meant that I had to redo my promo which wasted me and my friends time because I used him as a voice over. I managed my time poorly and got little work done at the start, this resulted in me having to stay after school and come in to school on the weekends.
I overcame some of my difficulties by constantly getting feedback from my test buddies and my teacher; this helped me improve my work. If I were to do this controlled assessment again I would manage my time better. This would give me a chance to improve my work regularly, and get the best result I could get.

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Approaches to Teaching Gcse Maths

...1. How my thinking about teaching GCSE maths re-sits has changed during the course. My thinking about teaching GCSE maths re-sits has changed in that I’m more focused on improving the learning of my students. Simplistically, before it may have been a case of “What do they need to know?” and then relaying what the student needs to know for that particular subject, in a clear and concise manner, which may have been “got” by most students, but then they would have forgot the method shortly afterwards when it came to a formative or a summative assessment. Now I’m more determined to help students learn in a way that is going to be enjoyable to them and help them remember what they need to for the exam. This will involve doing more kinaesthetic and visual activities as a lot of learners learn by doing. Realistic Mathematics Education (RME)  The course has introduced me to Hodder Education’s range of books called ‘Making Sense of Maths’ for KS3 and KS4 ( Mr Gough, a maths teacher and one of the authors of the aforementioned book(s) states the following: “My experience of teaching GCSE Foundation Tier is that by the time they get to KS4 they’ve already covered most of the content and they’re having the same content repeated in the same way that they found difficult in the first place so my experience of using this approach is that it seemed very different to them and it reinvigorated their interest in maths and they......

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...------------------------------------------------- iCloud iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service[2][3][4] from Apple Inc. launched on October 12, 2011. As of February 2016, the service had 782 million users.[5][6] The service provides its users with means to store data such as documents, photos, and music on remote servers for download toiOS, Macintosh or Windows devices, to share and send data to other users, and to manage their Apple devices if lost or stolen. The service also provides the means to wirelessly back up iOS devices directly to iCloud, instead of being reliant on manual backups to a host Mac or Windows computer using iTunes. Service users are also able to share photos, music, and games instantly by linking accounts via AirDrop wireless. It replaced Apple's MobileMe service,[4] acting as a data syncing center for email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, reminders (to-do lists), iWork documents, photos and other data. One of Apple's iCloud data centers is located in Maiden, North Carolina, US.[7] Beginning in 2011, iCloud is based on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure (Apple iOS Security white paper published in 2014, Apple acknowledged that encrypted iOS files are stored in Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure[8]). In 2016, Apple Inks Deal to Use Google Cloud Platform for Some iCloud Services.[9][10] ------------------------------------------------- History[edit] iCloud was announced on June 6, 2011,[13] at the 2011 Apple Worldwide Developers...

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Will Changing the Australian Legal Drinking Age Be the Demise of Youth Music Festivals?

...drinking age be the demise of youth music festivals? | Stage Two Research Paper | | Maya Burvill 16568 | 4/twenty-one/2011 | Academic Research Paper – Stage Two | Will changing the Australian legal drinking age be the demise of youth music festivals? Abstract: Binge drinking and alcohol incurred road accidents by youth are a growing concern in Australia; issues which governments are looking for strategies to control. One solution that is currently being debated is to increase the minimum legal drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one. This option would create some unintended consequences that will adversely impact Australia’s youth and the Australian events industry. Alcohol is integral to the success of any large scale licenced event as it encourages attendance, is a key profit source and often is the main source of sponsorship. This paper evaluates the beneficial and detrimental effects of changing the legal drinking age in Australia, focusing on the potential detrimental impact such a move would have on youth and Australian music festivals. It was concluded that whilst there are significant health benefits, changing the minimum legal drinking age in Australia would ultimately have a negative impact on youth as it will encourage them to participate in illegal behaviour and seriously threaten the financial viability of Australian music festivals. Will changing the Australian legal drinking age be the demise of youth music festivals? In November......

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