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1. Role of regulatory in insurance industry
2. Role of Information Technology in Insurance Industry
3. Is Democracy hampering India's growth
4. Westernization of Indian culture
5. solution to Kashmir issue
6. Saas Bahu serial Vs Reality shows
7. Capital Punishment should it be abolished?
8. Corruption
9. Impact of globalization on insurance.
10. Is India ready to host Olympics
11. Common wealth games.
12. The world is flat.
13. Which is better employer public sector or private sector.(asked by Reliance General Insurance Co.)
14. "impact of Obama's visit to India".-(asked by TATA AIG general insurance co)
15. Corruption in democracy (Bajaj Allianz & HDFC Ergo)
16. The world is round (SBI General)
17. Quick promotion or long term growth in an organization (SBI General)
18. Obama's visit to India (Tata Aig & Reliance General)
19. Kashmir issue (Bajaj Allianz)
20. Leaders r born not made (If co Tokyo)
21. Regulations in insurance industry (HCL)
22. Globalization n its impact on insurance (If co Tokyo)
23. Common wealth games (Bajaj Allianz)
24. Importance of IT in insurance (HCL & Accenture)
25. Should India host the Olympics (Tata Aig)
26. role of media in our country
27. patience is a bitter plant but it bears a sweet fruit
28. role of technology in insurance
29. Should capital punishment be given more often?
30. The world is flat!
31. The biggest problem in our country is?
32. should India bid for Olympics
33. Corruption in our country Adarsh scam
34. men and women are not equal at work place
35. Role of UN in peace keeping
36. Challenges faced by banking industry in India

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...specify) …………………………………………………………….. 2. Introduction of communication skills in course curriculum improves quality of education. |YES | | |NO | | |NOT SURE | | 3. There are many electives subjects offered to students in your institute. |YES | | |NO | | |NOT SURE | | 4. Course curriculum should contain (you may choose more than one) |COMMUNICATION SKILL AS SUBJECT | | |PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES | | |MOCK GD SESSIONS | | |MOCK INTERVIEW SESSIONS | | OTHER (please specify) …………………………………………………………………… 5. How many hours do you spend on practical assignment per week? |10 HOURS | | OTHER (please specify) …………………………………………………………………… 6. What is the % of course curriculum containing theory? |10-25% | | |26-50% | | |51-75% | | |76-100% | | 1. Kindly rate the following......

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