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Ge Canada Case

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Mission: As a business manager for GE Canada, Raj Bhatt needs to figure out how to maximize the potential from the Canadian energy-efficiency opportunities.
Energy-Efficiency, attractive industry and business opportunity?
Yes, the energy-efficiency is a very attractive industry and business opportunity. As the growing interests from Canadian public and government, the size of the potential market has increased substantially to billions of dollars. Further, the technology and industry expertise have developed to more sophisticate stage as the market has grown to maturity with fewer competitors left. Therefore, the risk and prediction of overall business have decreased significantly. In addition, GE has the advantages of being an all-inclusive powerhouse for this project, since GE does not only have technical advantages in lighting and motors but also has its own financing department which could support the project’s financial needs. More importantly, GE is a well-known global brand with respected reputation in the industry. Lastly, GE does not face the similar level of competition in the energy-efficiency industry, as there are only 7 full-services ESCos that can cover all three businesses needs. Even those ESCos are often facing problems like accessing the capital, or creditability issues etc.
GE management system, GE Canada, implications for the energy management business?
The organizational structure of GE is a “direct connect” structure, which consists 6 core businesses (GE Commercial Finance, GE consumer Finance, GE healthcare, GE Industrial, GE Infrastructure and NBC universal) each of which contained different units. There are numbers of divisions under each unit. Each business has global responsibility for its operations meaning there are no general management roles in the country operations and each business or function managers of specific business…...

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