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Ge Final Marketing Plan

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General Electric Final Marketing Plan
Tawanda Zackery-Graham, Cassandra Jenkins, Paige McLester, Felishia Phillips, Chalese Sydnor
April 12, 2012
C. Jeanine Fulton

General Electric Final Marketing Plan In today’s business community, the complexity of inventing new products and services is vital to expanding a company’s brand. Organizations are challenged with anticipating consumer’s needs and wants during the concept phase of creating the next company innovation. Products and services are the foundation of an organization existence. Incorporating new merchandise in a competitive marketplace and making it an exceptional product is always a challenge for any business. General Electric throughout history has embraced the challenge of creativity, innovation and meeting the needs of the consumer. This final marketing plan will describe General Electric’s new GE Space Saver Model 2012 marketing plan to create and bring to market a modern refrigerator that will save consumers time, money, space, and energy. This final marketing plan will provide an overview of the appropriate place and promotion strategy used to develop General Electric’s GE Space Saver. This market plan will summarize the promotion schedule and advertising plan, identify public relations opportunity for the GE Space Saver, analyze the effects of channel management decisions on marketing, select the appropriate distribution channel, address cost for placement, shipping, and middlemen, and develop a budget plan. The plan will also identify quantifiable elements that will be used to evaluate, monitor, and control effectiveness of the marketing plan.
General Electric Company Overview

General Electric is an organization that has evolved into a diverse pallet of business initiatives that range from lighting, energy, health care, financing, and consumer products to...

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