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Right To DieWeek 11Ken WinklerGE217February 25, 2012Steve Ryan |

This paper will discuss the topic of the right to die for people who are terminally ill. The issue is physician assisted suicide and should individuals have the right to decide for themselves that they want to have their life terminated. There are no laws against a person taking their own life but a terminally ill person would need the help of a physician to take their life, and that is legal in only 3 states (, 2011). The right to assisted suicide is legal in several countries including the Netherlands Belgium, and Luxemburg. Current state laws are varied but in 34 states there are laws that explicitly make it illegal. A terminally ill patient may override objections from their clergyman because of the indescribable pain and seek out help from a physician. The Hippocratic Oath forbids Doctors from performing physician-assisted suicide but that does not always prevent them from doing so, as in the case of Doctor Kevorkian in Michigan who was known for assisting some terminally ill patients with ending their lives. In 1990 a Detroit newspaper contained this ad:"Applications are being accepted. Oppressed by a fatal disease, a severe handicap, or a crippling deformity? Write BOX 264, Royal Oak, Mich. 48068-0261. Show him proper compelling medical evidence that you should die, and Dr. Jack Kevorkian will help you kill yourself free of charge." (Kearl, 2002, p. 1) There are other doctors that feel euthanasia should be a choice after all other options have been exhausted. ”Physician-assisted suicide should be a lawful medical procedure for competent, terminally ill adults, because it is a compassionate response to relieve the suffering of dying patients” (White, 1997, p. 2).
Physician assisted suicide is one of those issues that supporters of both sides of the argument have strong feelings over and vastly different opinions from secular to religious people exist for it in society. Some people argue that the right to die with dignity is a basic human right and that physician assisted suicide for people suffering terminal illnesses should be legal in every state. Religious clerics argue that suicide is forbidden and that of person’s soul is not his to take. “What is never permitted, however, is any act or omission which causes, or is intended to cause, death, in order to remove a person from suffering (Pantavone, 1990's). The ill person could tell their priest that they need their support in spite of the fact that they have chosen to seek assistance from a doctor in ending the misery and pain. To seek help would be a personal choice that should be shared with family members by letting them know what choice has been made, then relatives may come to understand why the choice was made and possible even agree with it. There could be the possibility doctors and families try too hard to keep the sick alive even though they are in misery. There is an argument that healthcare cost could be reduced if we had physician assisted suicide, which would lower insurance premiums. Nurses and doctors time could be freed up to work on savable patients also about vital organs could be saved, allowing doctors to save the lives of others. This would be a good way to stop wasting resources and stop needless pain and suffering. The scary side of this is that Health Insurance companies would misuse euthanasia as a way to reduce cost. It would have to be kept as a decision made only by the terminally ill patient suffering with pain, without outside interference or influence.

The writing of this paper was very difficult from the religious point of view but the more I researched the more I understood this view and why people believe in it. To have religious beliefs that are against assisted suicide means that you will not going consider it since you will not have the support from the church. It would probably also be against the wishes of your family and loved ones and the thought of going into the hereafter completely alone should make you think that it's better to suffer here on earth rather than in the hereafter.
The writing of this presentation was easier from point of view that allows Physician assisted suicide, because I sympathize with this point of view and understand why people believe in it. My father was a doctor and he never wanted to see patients suffer, he mentioned several times how it would be betters to unplug the machines keeping them alive rather than to live as a vegetable. My religious views have no restrictions on physician assisted suicide especially over a terminal illness where medication offers no relief from the pain. If I had a terminal illness and was suffering in excruciating pain I would like the option of Doctor-assisted suicide to be available.

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