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* Responsibility has been the key to strong ethics that requires specific qualities that anyone can develop. The Ethics Inventory reflects that the writer is a rational and sensible individual. The writer believes that possessing reasoning skills and intuition to determine how to fulfill his duties have led to what he is today as a responsible individual. When faced with a difficult situation, the writer uses reasoning skills to find solutions by filtering through common knowledge, evaluate risks involved, and good intentions. * Leadership and teamwork has played a big role in the former Marine’s life. Following orders, working together, taking charge, leading others, and constantly learn from others to better oneself is crucial to being successful. The writer expresses that to become a respectful leader; the individual must learn to be knowledgeable and have the ability to learn from others. * Devotion to duty and mission accomplishment is also ways to describe a strong ethical person. Whether the individual love or hate what they do, he or she must be dedicated to that duty with a sense of pride. Every individual goes through a process of trial and error. Without experiencing failure, no individual could learn from his or her mistakes or uncover flaws. Mission accomplishment gives the writer a sense of success with the urge to jump on another task. * The writer believes that their decision is the best decision for the community and not focus on the individual’s needs and that every individual is responsible for his or her goals. One may also focus on what he has at hand while leaving others to figure out on their own. In today’s society people should be able to carry their own weight. As a former instructor, the writer believes it is the responsibility of the individual to follow up with any knowledge or information that may either be in need of questioning or special concentration. In an equal community, the writer believes that it is not his responsibility to encourage others who are lazy or lack enthusiasm when pursuing their personal or academic goals. * The writer’s weakness includes complacency and lack of delegation. When given a task, the confident writer often becomes complacent knowing that he will have task completed in a timely manner. Therefore, difficult problems arouse come due time and the task given may be completed without fulfillment. Possessing the mentality of “I would rather do it myself than rely on others” attitude, the writer falls behind on the task resulting in being mentally exhausted and producing negative results. * The writer concludes that every individual should be treated fairly and held accountable for his or her actions. All individuals grow physically and mentally stronger through repetitive practice and failure. Responsible ethics means fulfilling your duties, doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

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