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Gender and Sexual Identity

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Gender Identity and Sexuality

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Gender Identity and Sexuality………………………………………………………..


Sexuality and gender identify are two separate terms but they relate to each other very much. Sexuality is anything that relates to sex. It includes birth control, abortion, our bodies, our gender and gender identity. Understanding how teens think about their sexuality helps us understand what they are going though as young adults. Gender Identity has changed in the last ten year. What is gender identity? It is the way we look at ourselves or how other people look at us. Some teens may be confused of what their sexual orientation is. And what is a counselor’s role to helping them out. Some teen may be unsure of their gender identity, if they are supposed to feel a certain way to the opposite sex or the same sex. Is TV and media persuading them that they have to be a certain way? In this paper I will tie to the two together. First a person has to be aware of their sexuality. Sex and Gender will also be explained. Even though they are the same they can be defined very different. Culture also plays a major part in sexuality, cultures such as Asians, Blacks, Whites and Latinos. Each culture handles sexuality different. Research includes exploring that many avenues of each culture.

Human being are divers in many different ways, race, ethnicity, language, culture, gender, socioeconomic class, age, sexual orientation, religion, ablism, and disability, are just to name a few. In understanding people, we have to take all of these factors in to account undersanding how and why people act and think. In being a good professional being cultural diverse in very important, so understanding people in a lot of different situations. In this research, Sexuality and gender identity will be discussed in understanding this portion of diversity Sexuality is something that human being encounter every day. Sexuality is defined as capacity for sexually feelings. Sexuality includes, biological sex, (male or female), our gender, man, woman, boy or girl. It also includes our sexual orientation such as gay, straight, lesbian, or bisexual. Sexual identity is the way you feel about yourself, sexual orientation, sex and gender, this is also a part of sexuality. Sexuality is a big part of our lives and just something that you may witness on TV. (Sex and Sexuality) Sexuality can be expressed through our body image, how we feel about our bodies. What we desire, thoughts, sexual pleasure, fantasies and sexual dysfunction. Our sexual behaviors includes the waywe have sex including masturbation. Our values, attitudes, beliefs, and ideals about life, love and sexual relationships are also included in sexuality. Sexuality can be influenced through our biology, our emotional and family lives, the culture and our statues that we are in our culture. Our ethical, religious and spiritual upbringing and experience are also a big part. (Sex and Sexuality) Gender identity is how you feel about and express you gender. Such as a lesbian dressing in man clothes, they relate in being a man and acting like a man. Culture is the group that defines gender roles.
Distinguishing sex and gender In understanding sexuality and gender identity, it is important to understand sex and gender. What is gender? Gender is what is described by society, masculine and feminine. Sex is biological differences, chromosomes internal and external parts.
The first part of gender relates to how you are born, biological sex. The second part of gender is relates to many different definitions, such as personality traits and identity. Gender also relates to masculinity or femininity. which also includes gender aspects such as” sex type interest and occupations, appearance, mannerisms and nonverbal behavior”. The third part of sex and gender is sexual preference. (McDermott, 2011) Most times sex and gender are used as the same word. But in all actually they are two different words with two different definitions. l

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