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Gender Discrimination In The United States

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For many centuries, discrimination has been a problem all around the world. Discrimination is not stationed in one spot, it happens in all countries.Human right laws prohibited discrimination against race,sex,religion, marital status, age, and pregnancy this happened in 2011 in European Union Legislation, United Nations Legislation, and United States Federal Legislation. (Custers,1) Women are considered to be a minority group because they do not share the power, privilege, and rights as men. This problem is just not a problem in the United States discrimination of gender happens globally. The discrimination for any minority group goes in a vicious cycle that repeats over and over again. Discrimination of women happens all the time in society. …show more content…
Some Jobs are searching for the perfect gender and not the qualified. One event dealing with discrimination of women happened in Bengi, China. A woman, Zhou Yuxia, is 24 years old and has just returned to China after studying in the United States. She is having a hard time securing a job, she is qualified educationally, but she is not a male. When talking to CNN she said, “I was on a job hunting site and sae this position as a marketing manager. One of the requirements was that I had to be a Male.” The woman from the story made sure that she had all the qualification that were possible and fair. The women in Bengi deserve to have a well paying job just like any male does. It is predict that the Bengi will be the “breakthrough” for women, there has been an enhancement on the number of women who are becoming educated and looking for a job. The women in Bengi are not taking “no because you are not a male,” they are not letting discrimination stop …show more content…
Women’s median annual in 2013 was $39,157 and the men’s median annual earning was $50,033. (Hegewisch, Hartmann,1) There is a $10,876 difference between theses two pays.This is not fair to the women of society they are apart of the working world just as a man is. There should not be a paying difference for men and women who are in the same occupation. Gender discrimination comes in second for being the most frequent discrimination charge brought to EEOC. (Catalyst, 1) In 2013, there were 27,687 cases charged with gender discrimination in the United States and in 2010 there were 29,029 cases charged with gender discrimination. (Catalyst,1) Though the number has decreased over the past three years, it still is a hefty amount of gender discrimination cases. Gender discrimination not only happens in a workplace, but it can happen at a college. There was a study on why women were less likely to be chosen for a math program. When visiting the top three business schools there was only a small portion of females that were in the math and science and the rest consisted of males. Volunteers were then chosen and they had decide which person, male or female, had the best qualification for a math position. Majority of the males and females choose the male, who had less qualifications than the female. Not only can males but also females can be discriminating towards

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