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Gender Equity in Workforce in United Arab Emirates

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According to World Bank, 60% (2014) of the high school teachers are females (, 2016). Teaching is considered as a profession for females especially for kindergarten and high school teachers (almost 3/4 teachers are females) (Rich, 2014).
On an average, Jobs controlled by women pay less compared to those with more men. Philip N. Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland said that “We’re not past having a cultural devaluation of women’s work, So that if a job is done primarily by women, people tend to believe it has less value” (Rich, 2014).
Professor of sociology, named Richard M. Ingersoll at the University of Pennsylvania examined data on education department on the demographics of teaching and he said “It will be less and less in their (males) head that this (teaching) is an occupation for males” (Rich, 2014).
Christine L. Williams, a professor of sociology at the University of Texas, who studied the glass escalator, said that women are not very keen on having males entering teaching profession as they get promoted more rapidly into senior administrative positions than females (Rich, 2014).
Teachers working in public schools in U.A.E., have two categories, Emiratis and expatriates. There is a surplus in Emirati women teachers in government schools. But there are restrictions by the government which forbids women to teach boys from 10th grade and which is why more Emirati male teachers are demanded but there are very few who are willing to do the job. That’s why most of the boys are taught by male expatriate teachers. There are 80% female Emirati teachers and only 26% male Emirati teachers in government schools (Ridge, 2010).

* (2016). Percentage of teachers in secondary education who are female (%) | Data | Table. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar....

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