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Gender Inequaity

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Gender Inequality in Bangladesh

Gender inequality can be defined as the unequal and biased treatment between men and women and is a common phenomenon in developing countries. Women in Bangladesh face obstacles and disadvantages in almost all aspect of their lives, including access to health and education, economic opportunity, political participation and control of finances. Gender inequality is a development issue as excluding women from access to resources, public services, or productive activities prevents a country from reaching their maximum productivity potential. It exists due to cultural, social, economic and legal factors. In the following paragraphs we can examine the types of inequality, their causes and the impact on development as well as few policy recommendations to improve the matter.

In Bangladesh 71.1 per cent of young women are employed in the agriculture industry whereas 20 per cent are in production and transport industries, and 3.8 per cent in service sectors. A recent study by the ILO finds that women in Bangladesh are often considered to be lesser or inferior participants in the labor market and are not valued much. For example despite women getting hired in the RMG sector of Bangladesh, they are usually mainly employed in less important, lower paid and lower skilled areas, which consist of little decision-making responsibility. As a result women are the first to be subject of cyclical unemployment and lose jobs in times of market fluctuations and/or reduced demand of products.

Another example would be that even though most female workers are likely to get employed in the agriculture sector, physical fitness has an effect on the earnings of women belonging to this sector. Women only get preferences in the works where less physical labor is needed and usually do tasks that pay lower wages. Agriculture can be an important engine of...

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