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Gender Inequality in Workplace

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace and How Women can Navigate it
Ways in which gender inequality manifests itself in the workplace today. These manifestations are occupational sex segregation, lack or cap on promotions, recruitment issues, difficulty to find or afford child care, tokenism, punishment for maternity leave, and sexual harassment.
We often think of the concept of the family as natural. We take it for granted and don’t give it much thought. However, the concept of the family is socially constructed. The family is a social unit. Within this social unit there is a gender division of labor. Women and men have different roles in the family. Often women’s roles are considered lesser. Women are traditionally the ones to stay at home and take care of the family and the household chores. The men traditionally work outside the home in the paid workforce. The notion of women’s work as lesser stems from this gender based division of labor in the family. Women who work outside the home have been subjected to domestic and service sector labor. Examples include working in hotels as maids or working for a family as a nanny or even primary school teachers. All these jobs are consistent with the gender based division of labor. These jobs are considered suitable for women. They use supposed skills that women “naturally” possess. In fact, these skills are not natural. Women have many other skills and are not naturally suited for any certain work, but have been socialized into these positions. Within our society and many others, women have been shunned out of many fields and higher education.
Here are a few theories that have been used to explain workplace gender inequality. The human capital theory asserts that inequalities between men and women in the workplace are due to differences in skills and experience (human capital), not overt discrimination. I highly...

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