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Gender Preselection

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Today, I am going to talk about sex preselection, also known as gender selection. This is a technological method for controlling the sex of the offspring to achieve a desired sex.
In other words sex preselection gives parents the opportunity to choose their baby’s gender.
Here in the Netherlands, choosing the sex of a child is authorized and validated by the Dutch Health Council, but only on medical terms, for example in cases of hereditry (heere-dit-trie) diseases.
However, in many countries sex pre-selection is permitted, irrespective whether there is a medical reason or not.

So if you could choose the gender of your baby, what would you choose? A boy or a girl?
Well, you don’t even have to answer my question, because I do not think, we people have the right to decide on this matter. It is unethical and immoral to do so.
Therefore my thesis is the following: Parents should not be able to select their baby’s gender!
I will start of giving a number of arguments that supports this thesis. Then I will discuss some arguments that supporters of sex pre-selection give. And I will end with a conclusion.

First of all, whether parents had a girl or a boy has always been left up to nature to decide.
To date, no-one has dared interfere with the genetic workings of the body, mainly because the technology did not exist to do it.
But now, with the dawn of the twenty-first century, that technology has arrived and mankind is faced with the decision: whether or not to “play God” and manipulate the gender of their child to suit their preferences.
I think we should let nature to take its course!
After all, humans have been reproducing and multiplying for thousands of years, without any technologic interference. So why should we mess with mother nature now? And who are we to decide?
Sex pre-selection will only create an imbalance between man and woman and...

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