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Gender Stereotyping in Children

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Gender Stereotyping in Children

Alisha Gordon
English 111
Tracey Johnson
May 3, 2012

Gender Stereotyping in Children
Delaying exposure to gender stereotyping in young children helps avoid disapproving gender views that limit children’s behavior and learning abilities, which plays a vital role in their social and cognitive development.
I. Beliefs and Behaviors
II. Influences a. Biological b. Environment 1. Family 2. Teachers 3. Peers III. Identity a. Emergence of gender identity IV. Gender Schema V. Conclusion
After researching and learning about this topic, children who hold a flexible gender view of what boys and girls can do tend to see the world in a less gender biased fashion and increases their social and cognitive development, which helps prepare them for entering society.

Gender Stereotyping in Children Parents play the role of nurturing their children and preparing them for society, and somewhere in between they unintentionally introduce their children to gender stereotyping (beliefs and behaviors acceptable for girls and boys). As children grow they start to learn gender typing on their own through biological and environmental influences. Then through observation children develop their own identity towards male or female, and they start to organize their experiences through gender schemas. This is how children interpret what’s happening in their world. Piaget’s cognitive development theory and Bandura’s social learning theory explain how children learn through modeling and actively constructing knowledge as they manipulate and explore the world. So, parents can try to reduce or delay gender stereotyping to allow their children the opportunity to learn without restrictions. Before children can fully understand their own gender, they have been subtly...

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