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Gender and Tv Commercials

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Examination of Gender Role Portrayals in Television & Commercials

Examination of Gender Role Portrayals in Television & Commercials

Examination of Gender Role Portrayals in Television & Commercials
It is nearly impossible to be able to measure the impact television has had on our society and culture. Since its creation, the television has been a powerful medium of advertising and influence as its popularity and audience has grown at a tremendous rate. The influence of the television has continued to grow and has helped to formulate and mold our perceptions of society. One of those areas where it has had the most influence has been in aiding to set the perceptions of gender roles in our society.
One of the points this article makes is that commercials aired on television sets across the world, have had a major impact on our perceptions of gender roles in our society. The persuasiveness of commercials has been evident for decades. From a very young age, we are subjected to norms and standards for how each gender should act. Advertisers carefully create their TV ads to send a particular message about gender, playing up the norms people have come to know and enforce. Even our values and beliefs are sometimes based on what is seen on television, commercials included. Without even being aware of it, our mind, and perception of what roles we should play, are influenced by the commercials and television shows that we watch.
The second point this article makes is that commercials have affected gender differences based on expectations imposed by the media. Such ads such as commercials for cleaning products, cooking, baking goods, and household items usually portray a woman as the consumer. Commercials that show someone leaving home to go to work almost always portray men in this role. As a…...

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