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Reaction paper on Gender Studies

Gender and happily ever after

Ever since I was little, I have been observing cartoon and fairytale, as it is soothing and full of joy. Mother would read me a bedtime story about Everland, the giant, the witches, and the princess. I have grown along all this beautiful dream within me, yet, being reminded regularly when I watched movies emphasizing how important love is to the existence of human beings. The worse thing is, I do not let this stay as childhood thinking. I grow older but I myself try to consume even more movies and literatures about the same old concept of happiness without realizing that these were poison for me to live in reality. To most of the young girl all over the world as well, I assumed, do not care about how time and way of life has changed so much since the first fairytale was written since the same story is told over and over. The new plots and characters may changed but the concept stays the same.

The most well known fairy tale for young girls of all time is, of course, the Walt Disney princesses. Disney is one of the largest media companies which was established by Walt Disney back in 1923. The basic elements of Walt Disney are victory of the good over the evil and to finally find true love equals happily ever after. Despite how long time has passed, one of the originals that was created, which is Cinderella, is still being consume moreover influencing children of the 21st century. Therefore in this reaction paper I would like to look through Disney world in order to see how the identity of female is perceive by all the children in the real world and I would like to choose Cinderella as the case study.

The most obvious characters that we can see from any story of a princess is that no matter what hardship they had to deal with when they were...

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