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General Dynamics

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General Dynamics

John M. Harris
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

MGMT 210
Tara Saracina
July 17, 2014
General Dynamics
General Dynamics is a multifaceted company that does business in four major areas: aerospace, combat systems, marines systems, and technology and information systems. General Dynamics started in 1952 and “grew organically and through acquisitions until the early 1990s, when (it) sold nearly all of (it’s) divisions” (, 2014) General Dynamics has since started acquiring new companies which to date is comprised of “more than 65 business” to include Gulfstream and C4 systems (, 2014). Since the company is comprised of many smaller companies they use a balanced business model to allow each of its companies the freedom to “achieve their goals”.
Even though General Dynamics is comprised of many smaller companies all of their financial transactions are reported on one Annual Report under the General Dynamics company. Through the use of General Dynamics most current Annual Report I will be looking at the company’s financial health in several areas and determine whether what is happening is good or bad. Some of the things I will be looking at are: net income, ratio of net income to net revenue, Assets, Current Ratio, Debt to Asset ratio, Dividends, financing and investing activities, net cash flow from operating activities, and the Independent Auditors Report.
Net Income Using General Dynamics “Consolidated Statements of Earnings (Loss)” under the heading of “Net earnings (loss)” they show a net income of $2,357,000,000 (Matrix Group International, 2014). On the companies “Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows” they show $3,106,000,000 “Cash provided by operating activities”. The net income is less than the cash provided by operating activities by $749,000,000 (Matrix Group International,...

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