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General Electric Company Report

General Electric is a massive conglomerate with power that extends through every sector of the economy. The company was formed in 1892 when the company of Thomas Edison, Edison General Electric Company, merged with the other successful manufacturer of electric light, Thomas-Houston Company. “From the invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb to building America’s first Central Power Station, the GE tradition of life-changing innovations was underway. With power and light, GE provided the basis of modern life, quickly redefining everything from the length of the day to our knowledge of the human body through the development of the first X-ray machine” (History) [citation should refer to GE]. This company is so expansive that every part of our lives involves a product or service by General Electric and this brings up a very vital question: what is the external environment and strategy of a company so large? How are they so successful at what they do? In our analysis, we have determined that if companies want to emulate General Electric's success, they must be willing to change their management approach in accordance to changes in the external business environment. General Electric's overall management of its company has changed several times, but most notably from the time Jack Welch was CEO to the time Jeff Immelt became CEO. The backbone of any company is their mission statement, as it is what keeps a company pointed in the right direction through the external and strategic changes they face. Good opening. Sets the stage.
A Clear Vision – odd that you refer to vision right after saying that the mission statement is the backbone.
General Electric Co. does not have an official published mission or vision statement – hmm, you just said the mission statement is the backbone, but they don’t…...