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I was born and raised in the Caribbean in a very modest family. I grew up with my grandparents, and I believed that they gave me the best of them. I migrated to United States when I was 27 as a college graduate student, and with a very good formation. The reason that I started with this was because I believed this played a major role in which I am right now, and the way I handled difficult situation especially in my workplace. There was difficulty everywhere even in my family. At work I have encountered many of them. In this paper, I am going to relate my interaction with three different people at my workplace. Auva is a 57 years old woman with 2 kids my age who has been working as a nurse for about 25 years. Danielle was 41 years old nurse practitioner who had been working in critical care for 12 years. Nin, I didn’t know her age, a Philippino-American, who was on her way to retirement in 4 years. From this information we could say that two of them were from the previous generation, and one shared the same the X generation which I belonged to. From this, let see how different generations have interacted with each other. I had to mention my workplace was a teaching hospital, and before we started working and be on our own, they prepared us for about 6 months: 2 months we spent in class to go over the basic of critical care, and four months when we had to shadow a RN II who would be there to direct us and taught us the floor. Well, I would start with when I was an orientee about two years ago. As a young black man, well educated, I thought everything was going to be ok until I met Daniele. By listening to her talking, or seen her moving around; we would think we were in good hand, and we would be learning all your stuff without difficulty. It was not the case. She was very arrogant and disrespectful. Even the new RN license I just earned one year prior was in...

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