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12 December 2008

“The IQ Generation”

At a critical point in the history of the United States and with the world confronted by economic turmoil, important leaders and individuals across the globe are looking towards our generation, Generation Y; to pull the world out of these troubled times. The key to our generation’s success in contributing positively to society is education. Education will guide these young individuals to success in monetary values and in contributions to humanity. People of the skilled labor force argue that the pressure of society on the young generation to obtain the highest level of educational achievement is hindering their growth. Many writers of numerous magazines and newspapers across the United States such as Kate Lorenz, a writer for CNN, argues that there has been countless individuals who have achieved success both monetarily and in humanity that had no degree at all. I shall not argue the belief of critics that guts and determination are equally as important as education; however, I intend to raise the awareness that education is the key to achieving success. Knowledge is essential to an individual; it is not only invaluable but it is also irreplaceable and will never hinder an individual in anything that he or she wishes to achieve.
The question that arises most often during the discussion about the importance of education in society is: How much education is enough for the individuals of Generation Y to obtain success? At this time in United States, a person needs at least a Bachelor’s degree to be classified as a middle class citizen. College students face the obstacles of whether they will attempt to be accepted by numerous job fields with the bare minimum or try to obtain an MBA, Ph.D, J.D, or M.D. Critics, such as Lorenz, need to take a step back and look at the true definitions of…...