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Entertainment has often been regarded as a means of indulgence although it can prove fundamental to the development of ideas. Lack of entertainment can however cause the brain to shut down. Entertainment enables s sense of innovation. As a result, numerous ideas are created. Studies show that almost half of discoveries are done during entertainment when the inventor enjoys the task he partakes. However, over entertainment has its own pitfalls. This paper argues that society is becoming over entertained.

Generation Fun: Are we as a Society Becoming over Entertained?
In a society where we are overwhelmed by bright lights, images, and electrical gadgets it is worth questioning one of the most important parts of our society, Entertainment. Entertainment is multidimensional and could be personal or involve the general public. Playing a game of chess or scrabble could be viewed as a personal form of entertainment. Watching a movie however is a general form of entertainment as the experience is shared with the general public. As entertainment continues to become a trillion-dollar industry, the society has continued to live up to the entertainment culture of the “entertainment age.”
The question, “Are we as a society becoming over entertained?” can be approached using different angles given its complexity. I have developed my point of view that as a society, we are spending too much time on entertainment or enjoyment. Entertainment can take an individual into a fantasy world from where he escapes from real life. This often applies to public form of entertainment such as theatre, films, music or other creative art. It could also be in the form of publications such as story books, magazine, and newspaper story (Bryant and Vorderer 2006, p.3).
Social scientist argue that there is a correlation between entertainment and human behavior. Over...

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