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Generation Snap

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Generation snap
From the case “Generation snap”, several surveys are conveyed to illustrate the idea that although there are some differences between the different generations, the discrepancies are not the ones people used to know about and they are tiny ones.
According to the popular media and people’s permanent reorganization about Generation Y, people who born in late 1970s to late 1990s are often thought to be knowledgeable at specific areas, engaged in social trend more easily, thirsty for success and easy to leave job position to find another. Generation Y might be a generation with various problems and hard to deal with in other’s minds. While in many studies, little or trivially small differences were found which were obviously opposite to what the media told. Actually, differences may arise more easily in members within a generation instead of between the generation. From the research, the mind of Gen Y and Gen X to top sic motivators is generally the same so the differences in personality and motivator drivers have been conducted in further studies.
There are many factors that affect employees’ attitude towards job. Showing a positive feeling about job which results from an evolution of its characteristics is what job satisfaction means. To make Generation Y satisfied with the job, salary can be rose, job can be alternated, and interest can be fostered. For the generation, they are desire to earn more money not only to feed himself or herself, but also raise his or her family, and if he or she gets married, it is very hard to feed a baby in big cities with very little money. Moreover, according to the research, pay is cited most often when people discuss job satisfaction. However, once people reach a high level of life, the salary is no longer important to them, so the change of job position or interest might be the good choice to increase job...

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