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Genre Analysis

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The structure of the text is one of the most important factors and only well organized and structured text could be understood completely. Therefore, it is useful to find out the generic structure of the text. The aim of this research is to investigate the generic structure of International standard International Organization for standardization (ISO) 9000, Quality management systems – fundamentals and vocabulary. The research is based on the Halliday framework and his language functions approach. The theoretical basis on this research is based on Halliday, Swales and Bhatia genre interpretations. In ISO 9000 standard appears transactional language function and the main purpose of it is to deliver information. Quality manual is message oriented because there are written standards which you have to achieve to get ISO 9000 certification. In conclusion the research shows that Hallidays framework completely reveals the generic structure of ISO 9000 quality manual.
Key words: Genre analysis, generic structure, ISO 9000 quality system

Table of Contents

Introduction………………………………………………………………..1 1. Literature review………………………………………….……….…….3 1. Research design ……………………………………………….....5 2. Empirical part…………………………………………………………….6

Genre analysis has been a relevant part of text analysis for years and it is important to distinguish the generic structure of the text to understand it completely. The theme- Genre analysis of ISO 9000 quality management systems-fundamentals and vocabulary was chosen because nowadays it is very topical -if there is identified structure of the paper than it could be easier perceived. ISO...

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