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Geography Exam Review:

1. A mental map is a map you remember in your head. Some uses of mental maps are mall maps, map to get home, and maps of your homes.

2. The ten provinces are British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, P.E.I, Newfound, Labrador, and Manitoba. The three territories are Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories.

3. The four ways to compare countries are population, wealth, size, and language. This is important to geographers because they can compare countries and to know there attractions.

4. Population density is the amount of people within 1 km2. If Canada's population is 31000000 and the area is 9922000 km2, the population density would be 3.12 people per 2 km2.(divide population by area)

5. The six main features of a map is the legend, borders, directions, colours, title, and date. Three types of maps are mental map, road maps, and mine maps. The three main map projections are Polar, Mercator, and Equal area. Mercator has a rectangular outline, good direction, and good shape. Equal area has an oval area, good size, and shows the whole earth. Polar has latitude lines are circle, circular outline, and shows part of the hemisphere.

6. The four coordinate directions are North, South, East, and West. The ordinal directions area Northeast,Southeast, Southwest, Northwest.

7. The three different types of grid systems are military, longitude and latitude, and alphanumeric. Latitude and longitude grids are used to pin point any place in the world. Military grids are use for pin pointing in smaller areas. Alphanumeric grids are like battle ship. Latitude and longitude grids are the inky fog rid that can really pin point you to any place in the world.

8. Three characteristics of latitude are horizontal, separates the North and South hemisphere, they are 180 degrees of latitude. Three characteristics of longitude are verticals lines, 180 degrees around the world, and the important line that's involved with longitude is he prime meridian.

9. A scale is used to measure the distance between a point and then converting it to what it is really measured in real life. There is a ratio scale, RF scale, and a direct statement scale.
A) for every 1cm on the map, it is 200km on the earth.
B) 1:27000
C)1 cm to 1000km

10. A) 20 degrees south and 40 degrees west.
B) 0 degrees.
C) 50 degrees north and 180 degrees west.

11. 0 degrees is equator. 23.5 degrees North is the Tropic of Cancer. 90 degrees South is Antarctic circle. 23.5 degrees South is the Tropic of Capricorn.

12. 0 degrees is the prime meridian. 180 degrees is the international date line.

13. Canada has 5 hourly time zones. The average time zone degrees is 15 degrees wide.

14. Canada's six time zones are Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland.

15. Geographers use absolute location because it is used to pin point an absolute location making it more accurate.

16. Four reasons why our international connections are increasing is because there are more people travailing, the internet and long distance calling makes the world feel more like a global village, there has been more international trade, and many countries share the same culture.

17. Two factors that are looked upon when comparing countries are that social and economic. The three groups that are broken down to are developed, developing, and newly industrazing. Three charactericts of developed countries are health care, education, and big population. Three charactericts of developing countries are a lot of people are poor, lacking in education, and lacking in health care. Three charactericts of newly industrazing countries is that there growing economically, growing population and has some industries.

18. Globalization is a growth or world wide scale. Three links that Canada has got from globalization is free trade, internet, and long distance calling.

19. GATT (general agreement on traffis and trade) is the rules on trade in countries. NAFTA (Northern America free trade agreement) is a agreement for the united sates, canada, and Mexico to free trade. The befits that Canada has got from NAFTA is that it brings down costs in North America and we gain imports.

20. Prime minister Pierre Trudeau said that living next to the U.S. Is like sleeping next to an elephant because every grudge from an elephant you'd feel. Everything that Canada or the U.S. Does, it makes a negative or positive impact on the other.

21. Four ways that Canada's culture has been americanizide is the media, food, clothes and religion.

22. Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drifts was that all continents were once one super content called a Pangaea. The four reasons why he though this was that all the continents fit together like a jig saw puzzle, proof of glacitation was found in warmer climate areas today, fossils of animals that couldn't fly or swim are found all over the world,and canada needed tropical climate to have oil. The two main problems with this theory is that he didn't state how they moved or anything about the ocean.

23. The theory of plat tectonics is that there are plates under the earth the move from convection currents and that's why the earth moves. This theory was more accepted because it sated how the continents moved.

24. The four geologic eras are Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Palezoic, and Precambrian. In the Cenozoic era ice sheets covered much of North America and it was was the age of mammals. In the Mesozoic era the formation of the Rocky Mountain and it was the age of reptiles. In the Palezoic era the appall chains mountains were formed and the first insects were on in the earth. Lastly, in the Precambrian era the Canadian Shield was formed and the first multi-celled organisms were on the earth.

25. The conflict between forces such as folding, faulting, and erosion can built the earth down and up which can make the landform different.

26. (Draw a picture of the rock cycle)

27. A landform region is an area where there are similar physical characteristics. The three different types of landforms in Canada are the shield, lowlands, and highlands. The seven landform regions are the shield, interior planes, Great Lake lowlands, Hudson Bay lowlands, artic lowlands, western cordillera, innuishian mountains, and Appalachian mountains. The smallest region is the Hudson Bay lowlands. The largest region is the shield. We live in shield. The region with most agriculture is interior plains. The region with highest mountains is the western cordillera.

28. The large lake that covered the majority of Manitoba and some of Saskatchewan was the Agassiz. This affected the land scape by its climate and the sea level. The nickname it was given was The bread basket because wheat was more comely to grow there.

29. Weather is the temperature that can change day to day and weather is the average climate. They do not meant he same thing because one is the average of climates and one is a temperature that changes daily. Climate determines where someone lives because it is a average of a temperature and doesn't change. Canada has a variety of climates because it extends a great distance from north to east, costal regions have different climates them inland regions, wind and pressure systems move more weather conditions from one country to another, and different elevation produce different climate conditions. The six factors that affect climate are:
Latitude- the distance from the equator
Air masses-mountains force air masses to go upwards or change the direction
Distances from large bodies of water-makes the summers cooler and the winters warmer
Ocean currents-brings warm tropical weather to the poles
Prevailing winds-winds carry air in the rotation if the earth
Elevation-the greater elevation the lower the temperature

30. Moderating effect is when the oceans currents effect the temperature on land. The Pacific Ocean has a moderating effect on Vancouver because the oceans currents bring cooler air to the land making there summers coolers. It also bring warmer air from tropical places and make the winters warmer as well.

31. The polar front jet stream is where air that carries cold, stormy, dry, warm, and moist tropical air creates a stream. The location of the jet stream effects the summer and winter because these winds are carried from West to East. It effects the winter because the jet stream moves more south bringing cooler temperatures. It effects the summer because the jet stream moves more north making the summers more warm. For example Sudbury's winters are cold because we are above the jet stream and in the summer the warm air from below the jet stream makes the summers warmer.

32. The two main reasons why precipitation occurs is because air forces it to raise and as air rises, it cools and condenses. Three main reasons why air rises is because air crosses elevated areas, because the ground is constantly heated by the sun, and because air needs to rise over another body of cooler air. When crosses elevated areas it leads to relief precipitation meaning when the water in the air rises it forms precipitation. When the ground is constantly being heated by the sun it leads to convectional precipitation meaning the air moves high pressure to low pressure. Air needs to rise over another body of cooler air and this leads to cyclonic precipitation meaning warm air crosses over cooler air.

33. (Draw a diagram of relief precipitation) There is a rain shadow on the leeward side of the mountain because the precipitation goes up the mountain and gets colder and may start to rain, then it goes down the mountain therefore, getting warmer. There is a rain shadow on the leeward side of mountain because the precipitation was just failing as rain and now because it's back down on the ground it is warmer causing a rain shadow.

34. Annual average temperature is when you add all monthly temperatures together and divide by 12. Temperature range is when you take the warmest month and subtract the coldest month. If the temperature range is greater then 25c it is known as continental climate and if the temperature range lower then 25c it's known as maritime climate. The precipitation total will indicate weather or not it's continental precipitation (lower then 1000mm) or maritime precipitation ( higher then 1000mm). Season of maximum precipitation is when you add all winter months ( oct, nov, dec, jan, feb, and march) and then add all summer months ( apr, May, June, July, August, and sept) the season with the highest precipitation be seasonal precipitation distribution. 0 degrees is when the precipitation may begin to fall as snow. 6 degrees when vegetation can grow and 10 degrees is when you can grow agriculture.

35. ( temperature ranges of mountains with 5 step program example)

37. The four main parts of soil is air, moisture, bacteria, and minerals. A soil is known as topsoil, B soil is know as subsoil, and C soil is known as parent mat soil. The difference between leached soil and calcified soil is that leached soils water moves downward and calcified soils water moves upward.

38. A transition zone is when a region has vegetation from both regions.

39. If a person increased in latitude and altitude they would notice similarities like the air would get colder, there would be less vegetation, precipitation would fall as snow, and less human activities.

40. An ecozone is an environment that consists of climate, animals, soil, human activities, water, and natural vegetation. An ecozone is a useful idea because you will know more about the place and landform.

41. A) Birth rate- you take the number of births divide by the population and multiply by 100
B) Death rate- you take the number of deaths dived by the population and multiply by 100
C) Natural Increase/decrease- you take the birth rate and subtract the death rate
D) Immigration rate- you take the number of I migrations and divide by the population and multiply by 100
E) Emigration rate- take the number of emigrants and divide the population and multiply by 100
F) Net migration rate- you take the immigration rate and subtract the emigration rate
G) population growth rate- you take the natural increase/decrease and you and add the net migration
H) Doubling time- you divide 70 by the T.P.G.R. ( population growth rate)
I) Infant mortality rate- you take the number of infant deaths and divide the population then multiply by 100
J) Total fertility- you take the total births and divide by women aged 15-45 then multiply by 30

42. If the population of a country is growing or declining it would influence the people living in it because the people decrease might be killed from war or disastrous.

43. Doubling time means how long it will take for a country to double it's population. To do this you divide 70 by the T.P.G.R. ( population growth rate).

44. Demographers identified 3 main important life stages and they are children, life adults, and older adults.

45. The advantages that demographers have with populations pyramids is they know how many schools, teachers, and even industries the country will need in the future.

46. The two time periods that gad a high immigration rate was in the 1910 and 1955, because it was right before world war 1 and because if the post war boom.

47. Canada accepts immigrants like refugee, family immigrants, and independent immigrants. In dependant immigrants are skilled workers and business immigrants. Family immigrants are families that need to be sponsored by a relative in Canada and sponsors mean to have housing and needs for ten years. Refugee is someone who fears per suction or even death in his home country.

49. (Don't understand)

52. The six major land uses are residential land use transportation land use, commercial land use, community land uses,industrial land use, institution public buildings land use, and open space land use. Some examples are
Residential land uses: where people live
Transportation and use: vehicles, travel oaths, and terminal facilities.
Commercial land uses: local service centres, neighbourhood plazas and ribbons, community shopping malls, regional shopping centres, and central business district
Industrial land use: 6% is used for industrial land
Institution and public buildings land uses: 10% occupied by buildings
Open space and recreational land: 7% of urban land

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