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According to, Geography is defined as the study of the earth and all of its features. This also includes the human race and the effect that humans play on the earth. states that there are five themes in Geography. These themes are location, place, human/environment interactions, movement, and regions. If I would have not read this article, I would think that location, place, and region are just about the same. But as I read the article, I found this was not the case. Location refers to the latitude and longitude of an exact spot on a map or globe. Places are defined by the characteristics that distinguish them from other places. For instances, the animal population of certain place makes it unique, as well as other features like mountains and even human architecture. Region refers to an area on earth that is unified by a specific attribute. These attributes can be either human or physical and can include things like climate,religious, political, cultural, and many others. Movement is used to study the way people and products move from one place to another through interactions and travel. It is also used to study resources and where they are located around the earth and how these resources are dispersed throughout the world. Human interaction/environment is used to describe the way that people interact with the world around them. This interaction can be both positive and negative. It all depends on the situation and studying this particular theme gives geographers a better idea of how humans are effecting the environment.

References: geography. (2010, November 27). Retrieved December 09 2010, from Definition of geography at website:

Geography Education @ (2010, December 09). Retrieved December 09 2010, from website:

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