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Winds Aloft
* Isobaric surfaces slope downward from the low latitudes to the pole
* Atmosphere is warmer near the Equator, pressure gradients force pushes air poleward
* Pressure gradient force increase with altitude, bringing strong winds at high altitudes
* Friction increases from low latitude to high latitude
* Decreases in upper atmosphere where wind speeds are high

The Geostrophic Wind
* At high latitudes, a moving parcel of air is subjected to: Pressure gradient force and Coriolis forces.
* When forces balance, air moves at right angles to the pressure gradient, parallel to the isobars, as the geostrophic wind
* Winds that move bulk of our air mass around the planet
* Heavy lifting of moving heat

Global Circulation at Upper Levels
* General pattern global circulation at upper levels
* Bands of equatorial easterly winds (result of downward air)
* Bring air into the equator
* Found at higher latitudes
* Tropical high-pressure belts
* Zone of westerly winds – come from est and blow to east
* Polar lows
* Lack of land mass and lack of friction fast winds speeds in southern hemisphere

Jet Streams and the Polar Front
* Jet streams are streams of fast-moving air at high altitudes that occur where atmospheric temperature gradients are strong
* Each hemisphere normally exhibits westerly polar and subtropical jet streams.
* An easterly jet occurs in summer over Asia and Africa
* Polar jet located between 35 and 65 latitude in both hemispheres
* Boundary between cold polar air and warm subtropical air
* Altitudes of 10 to 12 km (about 30,000 to 40,000 ft)

Disturbances in the Jet Stream
* Broad wavelike undulations called Jetstream disturbances or Rossby waves
* Occurs from heating and cooling
* The flow of…...

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... various food containers, food products and drinks. IKEA services offered are Picking and delivery, Home delivery, Kitchen services for installing IKEA kitchens, Assembling IKEA products, Online planning services for planning easy-to-use Kitchen, Office planning services, Home furnishing advise and IKEA Gift cards and provide food services. THE ROLE OF GEOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE FIRM: 1. Swedish origins: The emergence of the brand IKEA has its origin from a Swedish citizen and a Swedish village. It's no accident that the IKEA logo is blue and yellow. These colors are the sign of a Swedish brand. These are the colors of the Swedish flag. IKEA Logo: Swedish Flag: Effects of Sweden Nature and Climate: The Swedish lifestyle brings together a love of nature, good housing, environmental thinking and lots of culture. In Sweden, nature and the home both play a big part in people's lives. In fact, one of the best ways to describe the Swedish home furnishing style is to describe nature - full of light and fresh air, yet restrained and unpretentious. Many people associate Sweden with a fresh, healthy way of life. This Swedish lifestyle is reflected in the IKEA product range. The freshness of the open air is reflected in the colors and materials used and the sense of......

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